Hearings and Business Meetings

SD-366 Energy Committee Hearing Room 11:30 AM
To consider S.86, S.127, S.128, S.189, S.300, S.327, S.390, S.617, S.783, S.868, S.1039, S.1143, S.1247, S.1281, S.1304, S.1329, S.1341, S.1365, S.1377, S.1380, S.1433, S.1476, S.1522, S.1634, S.1740, S.1802, S.1921, S.1939, S.1940, S. 1941, S.1961, S.1969, S.1991, S.2034, S.2098, S.2220, H.R.30, H.R.299, H.R.759, H.R.807, H.R.815, H.R.830, H.R.1021, H.R.1025, H.R.1191, H.R.1239, H.R.1462, H.R.1526, and H.R.1662.