Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee Business Meeting (Hearing Room SD-366)

January 30, 2008
11:30 AM
SD-366 Energy Committee Hearing Room
To consider S.86, S.127, S.128, S.189, S.300, S.327, S.390, S.617, S.783, S.868, S.1039, S.1143, S.1247, S.1281, S.1304, S.1329, S.1341, S.1365, S.1377, S.1380, S.1433, S.1476, S.1522, S.1634, S.1740, S.1802, S.1921, S.1939, S.1940, S. 1941, S.1961, S.1969, S.1991, S.2034, S.2098, S.2220, H.R.30, H.R.299, H.R.759, H.R.807, H.R.815, H.R.830, H.R.1021, H.R.1025, H.R.1191, H.R.1239, H.R.1462, H.R.1526, and H.R.1662.