Hearing on Energy Accountability and Reform Legislation

June 9, 2015
09:30 AM
The Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee will hold a hearing to receive testimony on energy accountability and reform legislation. 
  • S. 15, Protecting States' Rights to Promote American Energy Security Act
  • S.454, to amend the Department of Energy High-End Computing Revitalization Act of 2004 to improve the high-end computing research and development program of the Department of Energy, and for other purposes
  • S.784, to direct the Secretary of Energy to establish microlabs to improve regional engagement with national laboratories
  • S.1033, to amend the Department of Energy Organization Act to replace the current requirement for a biennial energy policy plan with a Quadrennial Energy Review, and for other purposes
  • S.1054, to improve the productivity and energy efficiency of the manufacturing sector by directing the Secretary of Energy, in coordination with the National Academies and other appropriate Federal agencies, to develop a national smart manufacturing plan and to provide assistance to small- and medium-sized manufacturers in implementing smart manufacturing programs, and for other purposes
  • S.1068, to amend the Federal Power Act to protect the bulk-power system from cyber security threats
  • S.1181, to expand the Advanced Technology Vehicle Manufacturing Program to include commercial trucks and United States flagged vessels, to return unspent funds and loan proceeds to the United States Treasury to reduce the national debt, and for other purposes
  • S.1187, to improve management of the National Laboratories, enhance technology commercialization, facilitate public-private partnerships, and for other purposes
  • S.1216, to amend the Natural Gas Act to modify a provision relating to civil penalties
  • S.1218, to establish an interagency coordination committee or subcommittee with the leadership of the Department of Energy and the Department of the Interior, focused on the nexus between energy and water production, use, and efficiency, and for other purposes
  • S. 1221, to amend the Federal Power Act to require periodic reports on electricity reliability and reliability impact statements for rules affecting the reliable operation of the bulk-power system
  • S.1223, to amend the Energy Policy Act of 2005 to improve the loan guarantee program for innovative technologies, and for other purposes
  • S.1229, to require the Secretary of Energy to submit a plan to implement recommendations to improve interactions between the Department of Energy and National Laboratories
  • S.1230, to direct the Secretary of the Interior to establish a program under which the Director of the Bureau of Land Management shall enter into memoranda of understanding with States providing for State oversight of oil and gas productions activities
  • S.1241, to provide for the modernization, security, and resiliency of the electric grid, to require the Secretary of Energy to carry out programs for research, development, demonstration, and information-sharing for cybersecurity for the energy sector, and for other purposes
  • S.1256, Advancing Grid Storage Act of 2015
  • S.1258, Local Energy Supply and Resiliency Act of 2015
  • S.1259, National Laboratory Technology Maturation Act of 2015
  • S.1263, Clean Energy Technology Manufacturing and Export Assistance Act of 2015
  • S.1274, to amend the National Energy Conservation Policy Act to reauthorize Federal agencies to enter into long-term contracts for the acquisition of energy
  • S.1275, Job Creation through Energy Efficient Manufacturing Act
  • S.1277, Federal Energy Savings Enhancement Act of 2015
  • S.1293, to establish the Department of Energy as the lead agency for coordinating all requirements under Federal law with respect to eligible clean coal and advanced coal technology generating projects, and for other purposes
  • S.1306, Energy Independence Investment Act of 2015
  • S.1310, Deficit Reduction Through Fair Oil Royalties Act
  • S.1311, Oil Spill Deterrent Act
  • S.1312, to modernize Federal policies regarding the supply and distribution of energy in the United States, and for other purposes 
  • S.1338, To amend the Federal Power Act to provide licensing procedures for certain types of projects
  • S.1340, COAL Reform Act of 2015
  • S.1346, To require the Secretary of Energy to establish an e-prize competition pilot program to provide up to 4 financial awards to eligible entities that develop and verifiably demonstrate technology that reduces the cost of electricity or space heat in a high-cost region
  • S.1363, To require the Secretary of Energy to submit to Congress a report assessing the capability of the Department of Energy to authorize, host, and oversee privately funded fusion and fission reactor prototypes and related demonstration facilities at sites owned by the Department of Energy
  • S.1398, To extend, improve, and consolidate energy research and development programs, and for other purposes
  • S.1405, To require a coordinated response to coal fuel supply emergencies that could impact electric power system adequacy or reliability
  • S.1407, PL Renewable Energy Development Act
  • S.1408, Vehicle Innovation Act
  • S.1420, Energy Markets Act of 2015
  • S.1422, To require the Secretary of Energy to establish a comprehensive program to improve education and training for energy- and manufacturing-related jobs to increase the number of skilled workers trained to work in energy and manufacturing-related fields, and for other purposes
  • S.1428, To amend the USEC Privatization Act to require the Secretary of Energy to issue a long-term Federal excess uranium inventory management plan, and for other purposes
  • S.1432, Carbon Fiber Recycling Act of 2015
  • S.1434, To amend the Public Utility Regulatory Policies Act of 1978 to establish an energy storage portfolio standard, and for other purposes
  • S.1449, To amend the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 to add certain medium-duty and heavy-duty vehicles to the advanced technology vehicles manufacturing incentive program
  • H.R.35, Low-Dose Radiation Research Act of 2015

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  • Ms. Karen Harbert

    President and Chief Executive Officer
    Institute for 21st Century Energy
  • Mr. Mark Mills

    Senior Fellow
    Manhattan Institute for Policy Research

Opening Remarks

  • Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska)

    Senate Energy & Natural Resources Committee
  • Sen. Maria Cantwell (D-Wash.)

    Ranking Member

Witness Panel 1

  • The Honorable Lynn Orr

    Under Secretary for Science and Energy
    U.S. Department of Energy
  • The Honorable Colleen M. McAleer

    Port of Port Angeles, Washington
  • Mr. Norman Augustine

    Board Member
    Bipartisan Policy Center
  • The Honorable Karen Harbert

    President and Chief Executive Officer
    Institute for 21st Century Energy
  • Mr. Duane Highley

    President, CEO, and Chief Accountability Officer
    Electric Cooperatives of Arkansas
  • Mr. Mark Mills

    Senior Fellow
    Manhattan Institute for Policy Research