Full Committee Field Hearing

April 12, 2006
01:30 PM
2211 King Boulevard, Casper, Wyoming Wyoming Oil and Gas Conservation Commission Building
The purpose of the hearing is to receive testimony regarding the legislative, economic, and environmental issues associated with the growth and development of the Wyoming Coal industry.

Witness Panel 1

  • Mr. Thomas Shope

    Chief of Staff
    Office of Fossil Energy, Department of Energy

Witness Panel 2

  • Mr. Joe Coyne

    Executive Director
    Converse Area New Development Organization
  • Dr. William Gern

    Vice President for Research, Chairman of the Board
    Western Research Institute
  • Mr. Marion Loomis

    Executive Director
    Wyoming Mining Association
  • Dr. Norman Shilling

    Product Line Leader
    IGCC Power, GE Energy
  • Mr. Steve Waddington

    Executive Director
    Wyoming Infrastructure Authority