Hearings and Business Meetings

SD-366 Energy Committee Hearing Room 02:30 PM

Senator Larry E. Craig

Good afternoon.  I want to welcome all of our witnesses who are here to testify today.  While we only have a few bills to take testimony on I see we have lots of witnesses who are here to help us understand the strengths and weaknesses of these bills.

It appears we are going to have three panels today.  The first I will call the Senator’s panel has Senator Jon Kyl who is here to testify on S. 2466, the Southern Arizona Land Exchange; Senator Barbara Boxer who is here to testify on S. 2567, the Hoover Wilderness expansion proposal; and Senator Robert Bennett who is here to testify on S. 2788, the Utah Recreational Land Exchange.

I will then ask the Administration to come forward to testify on all three bills and I want to welcome Mr. Joel Holtrop, Deputy Chief of the Forest Service for the National Forest System and Mr. Chad Calvert, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Land and Mineral Management for the Department of the Interior who are here to testify today.

Finally, we have five witnesses who are here to testify on two of the bills I have already mentioned.  We have Mayor Michael Hing from the Town of Superior, Arizona; and Mr. Bill Williams, Vice President for Health, Safety, Environment and Construction from Resolution Copper Company all here to testify on S. 2466 the Southern Arizona Land Exchange bill that Senator Kyl introduced. 

Mr. John Andrews, Director of Schools and Institutional Trust Land Administration for the State of Utah and Ms. Laura Kamala (Ka-ma-la) of the Grand Canyon Trust are here to testify on S. 2788 the Utah Recreational Land Exchange that Senator Bennett introduced.