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SD-366 Energy Committee Hearing Room 02:30 PM

The Honorable George Radanovich

Member , U.S. House of Representatives

by the
Honorable George Radanovich
before the
Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources
Subcommittee on Public Lands and Forests
May 10, 2006


Thank you, Mr. Chairman—

I greatly appreciate this opportunity to testify before you today on H.R. 585.  Your consideration of this measure is important to thousands of people who live in gateway communities throughout our nation. 

I like to call H.R. 585 the “good neighbor act,” even though its real name is the “Gateway Communities Cooperation Act.”  The purpose of the bill is to make certain that small communities, located just outside of federal properties, have input in the federal planning process.

This measure is critical to many of my constituents and important for numerous small communities throughout the country that are impacted by federal land planning decisions. 

As someone who represents several small towns located just outside of Yosemite National Park and near the Stanislaus and Sierra National Forests, I know that--too often--these communities are left out of the federal planning process. 

This bill ensures that communities serving as gateways to our nation’s federal lands, including Park Service and Forest Service properties, have a voice in the federal planning process. 

Gateway communities can greatly benefit or be severely harmed by the decisions of federal land managers, so it is critical that their views are heard before land managers make final decisions.  This is why H.R. 585 encourages a more open discussion between federal agencies and local communities during the federal planning process.

For these reasons, Mr. Chairman, I encourage this Subcommittee to support H.R. 585, and move it favorably through the Committee process.