Hearings and Business Meetings

Apr 19 2006

10:00 AM

Full Committee Field Hearing

1701 4th Street SW- Albuquerque, NM Hispanic Cultural Center of New Mexico- Salon Ortega 10:00 AM
The purpose of the hearing is to receive testimony regarding the drought conditions facing the state of New Mexico and S. 2561, to authorize the Secretary of the Interior to make available cost-shared grants and enter into cooperative agreements to further the goals of the Water 2025 Program by improving water conservation, efficiency, and management in the Reclamation States, and for other purposes.

Witness Panel 1

  • Chief Bruce Knight
    Natural Resources Conservation Service
    US Department of Agriculture
  • Mayor Ray Nunley
    The Village of Ruidoso
  • Mr. Larry Perkins
    Farm Superintendent
    Agricultural Science Center at Tucumcari
  • Mr. Arvin Trujillo
    Executive Director
    Najavo Nation Division of Natural Resources
  • Mr. Randy White
    Black Cattle Ranch, LLC

Witness Panel 2

  • Mr. John D'Antonio
    New Mexico State Engineer
    Representing Western States Water Council
  • Mr. Mike Hightower
    Distinguised Member of the Technical Staff
    Sandia National Laboratories
  • Mr. José Otero
    Chairman of the Board of Directors
    Middle Rio Grande Conservancy District