Hearings and Business Meetings

SD-366 Energy Committee Hearing Room 02:30 PM
The purpose of the hearing is to receive testimony on the following bills: S. 2788, a bill to direct the exchange of certain land in Grand, San Juan and Uintah Counties, Utah, and for other purposes; S. 2466, to authorize and direct the exchange and conveyance of certain National Forest land and other land in southeast Arizona; and S. 2567, to maintain the rural heritage of the Eastern Sierra and enhance the region’s tourism economy by designating certain public lands as wilderness and certain rivers as wild and scenic rivers in the State of California, and for other purposes.
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Minority Statements

Witness Panel 1

  • The Honorable Robert Bennett
    U.S. Senate
  • The Honorable Barbara Boxer
    U.S. Senator
  • The Honorable Jon Kyl
    U.S. Senate

Witness Panel 2

  • Deputy Assistant Secretary of Land and Minerals Management
    Department of the Interior
  • Deputy Chief of the National Forest System
    Forest Service, Department of Agriculture

Witness Panel 3