Barrasso Questions Alberta Premier Kenney on Keystone Pipeline, Dependency on Dictators

May 17, 2022

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, U.S. Senator John Barrasso (R-WY) questioned the Premier of Alberta, Jason Kenney, at a hearing to examine ways to strengthen the energy and mineral partnership between the U.S. and Canada.

Barrasso asked Kenney about the repercussions of President Biden killing the Keystone XL Pipeline, the Biden administration turning to our enemies for oil, and Canada’s system to allow provinces rather than the federal government to manage natural resources. 

On Repercussions of President Biden Killing the Keystone XL Pipeline: 

Barrasso: “Premier Kenney… Did killing the Keystone XL pipeline make it more difficult and expensive to move Canadian oil to U.S. refineries?” 

Kenney: “Yes.” 

Barrasso: “So now Canadian oil, which would have traveled by pipe, will have to be moved by train, truck. Is this more or less environmentally friendly?” 

Kenney: “Less.” 

Barrasso: “Has killing the pipeline further exacerbated the supply chain issues between our two countries?” 

Kenney: “Yes.” 

Barrasso: “So is it fair to say that President Biden’s decision to kill the Keystone Pipeline increased costs, harmed the environment, and added to our supply chain troubles?” 

Kenney: “I think that’s a reasonable conclusion.” 

Barrasso: “You note in your testimony that Keystone would have been able to move 830,000 barrels a day Canadian oil, significantly more than the 670,000 barrels a day of oil we imported from Russia in 2021. If Keystone had been built, would Canada have been able to replace that Russian oil?” 

Kenney: “Yes. In fact, the operator, TC Energy had contracts to move that 800,000 barrels plus per day.”


Click here for video of Sen. Barrasso questioning Kenney on the Keystone XL Pipeline.


On Biden Administration Turning to Our Enemies for Oil: 

“In your testimony you note that President Biden has pleaded with OPEC and Russia to increase oil output and has worked to remove sanctions on oil exports from Venezuela and Iran. 

“At the same time, his administration continues to block access to energy resources and the infrastructure needed to move them in Alberta, and across the U.S. including in my home state of Wyoming. 

“Today’s Wall Street Journal had Biden’s Dance with the Dictator that states, ‘The Biden Administration’s sanction’s dance with the dictator is taking place even as it acts at every turn to restrict U.S. oil and production.’ 

“Does Biden’s policy make any sense for the people of the United States or of Canada?” 


Click here for video of Sen. Barrasso questioning Kenney on the Biden administration turning to our enemies for oil.


On Provinces Managing Energy Project Permitting: 

“I understand that provinces, rather than the federal Canadian government, take the lead on permitting many energy projects.

“Provinces largely own and have the authority to manage the natural resources within their borders… 

“Provinces largely own and have the authority. 

“In Wyoming and other western states, the federal government owns and manages nearly 70% of the minerals within our state borders. 

“This makes for a very inefficient system. 

“Could you explain to all of us how do provinces, rather than the federal government, make better managers of natural resources?”


Click here for video of Sen. Barrasso questioning Kenney on provinces managing energy project permitting.