Senate Energy Committee Examines Manchin’s EFFECT Act

May 16, 2019

ENR hearing examined the bipartisan Enhancing Fossil Fuel Energy Carbon Technology Act and DOE’s carbon capture, utilization, and storage programs 

To watch a video of Senator Manchin’s opening remarks, please click here.

To watch a video of Senator Manchin’s questioning, please click here.

Washington, DC – Today, the U.S. Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, received testimony on Senator Joe Manchin’s (D-WV), bipartisan legislation, the Enhancing Fossil Fuel Energy Carbon Technology (EFFECT) Act.The EFFECT Actwould authorizefour critical research and development programs at the Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Fossil Energy focused on coal and natural gas technologies, carbon utilization, storage, and atmospheric removal. 

Senator Manchin stressed the importance of enacting legislation that is supportive of carbon capture, utilization and storage. 

"I really do think there’s bipartisan agreement in the Congress about the role CCUS will need to play in lowering the world’s carbon emissions. But we’ve got to put our money where our mouths are and enact strong policies that will help commercialize these technologies in the very near term. That is why I introduced the EFFECT Act last month, with my friend Chairman Murkowski and a bipartisan group of Senators. It’s a comprehensive bill that is aimed at enhancing research and development – and just as importantly, demonstration and deployment for each aspect of CCUS – that includes coal and natural gas technologies, utilization, storage, and even atmospheric CO2 removal," said Senator Manchin.

Senator Manchin also questioned witnesses about the push back they have received about carbon capture development. 

“How much resistance do you all run into when you talk about carbon capture?” Senator Manchin asked.

“Our experience on this is we haven't faced nearly any resistance, but there isn't nearly enough focus. I think people are used to focusing on technologies that have been around for longer. I think with NET Power specifically we are confident that we are going to get there with our friends on the environmental side of things that carbon capture is necessary, but it certainly remains to be seen,” said Mr. Adam Goff, Principal and Policy Director at 8 Rivers Capital. 

The hearing also featured testimony from representatives from the Center for Energy Policy at Columbia University, Occidental Petroleum Corporation, U.S. Department of Energy, the Energy & Environment Research Center at University of North Dakota and NRG Energy. 

To watch the hearing in full, please click here