Stakeholder Support of S. 2012

What People Are Saying about the Energy Policy Modernization Act

April 25, 2016
“The Auto Alliance commends Senate passage of S.2012, the Energy Policy Modernization Act of 2016. We applaud the leadership of Chairman Murkowski and Ranking Member Cantwell in crafting a comprehensive, bipartisan energy bill that contains many important provisions, including the Vehicle Innovation Act, championed by Sens. Peters (D-Mich.), Stabenow (D-Mich.) and Alexander (R-Tenn.). This provision will help speed the proliferation of advanced technology and alternative fuel vehicles, will aid these ongoing efforts and support the research and design of the next generation of fuel-efficient vehicle technologies.”  
– Jennifer Thomas, Vice President of Federal Affairs, Alliance for Automobile Manufacturers

“The Alliance for Water Efficiency is in full support of the energy and water provisions of the Energy Policy Modernization Act. Producing energy requires water, and producing drinking water and wastewater requires energy. It is exciting that this critical relationship between energy and water is finally being recognized and embodied in federal policy.”
– Mary Ann Dickinson, President and CEO, Alliance for Water Efficiency

“The U.S. Senate is leading the way with energy efficiency and bipartisanship – which so frequently go hand-in-hand. The efficiency title of S. 2012, the Energy Policy Modernization Act of 2016, contains a wide range of important provisions that will deliver savings to American homeowners, consumers and businesses in addition to boosting our economy by creating tens of thousands of new jobs and protecting our environment for future generations.”
– Kateri Callahan, President, Alliance to Save Energy

“Senator Cantwell has long been ahead of the curve in recognizing the Yakima Basin Integrated Plan as a model for 21st Century water management and ecosystem restoration. The Yakima bill embodies the kind of effective collaboration that will be needed to outpace threats from climate change.”
– Michael Garrity, Puget Sound-Columbia Basin Director, American Rivers

“We are thrilled to see that the Senate Energy Bill includes an important provision to permanently reauthorize the Land and Water Conservation Fund, while also creating a new National Park Maintenance and Revitalization Fund to address the maintenance backlog throughout the National Park System. AMC has long supported these much needed conservation investments, which would further protect and help manage America’s parks, trails and other special outdoor places for current and future generations.”
– Susan Arnold, Vice President of Conservation, Appalachian Mountain Club

“Senators Cantwell and Murkowski should be commended for their patience and commitment to bipartisanship. S. 2012 takes important steps towards advancing innovation in technologies that will reduce greenhouse gas emissions, assigning responsibilities to enhance cybersecurity of the power grid, and, importantly for the Pacific Northwest, adding greater certainty to the hydropower licensing functions of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. Not to be overlooked are the measure’s provisions designed to improve our domestic access to critical mineral resources that are needed for technologies that will enhance the reliability of the grid, such as battery storage.”
– Scott Morris, Chairman and CEO, Avista Corp.

“Since passage of the last energy bill almost a decade ago, American innovation has dramatically improved the ways we produce, use and save energy. The Energy Policy Modernization Act establishes a foundation to secure the economic, environmental and security benefits that flow from these remarkable technological advances. This legislation makes important strides to capture and manage the incredible benefits of American ingenuity and our abundant natural resources. The Bipartisan Policy Center commends Senator Murkowski and Senator Cantwell for their foresight and leadership.”
– Jason Grumet, President, Bipartisan Policy Center

“Clean energy industries in the areas of energy efficiency, natural gas and renewable energy are the growth sectors of the U.S. energy economy. Together, they provide a portfolio of resources that affordably and reliably serve the country’s energy needs.  The Energy Modernization Act includes provisions in these areas, and specifically on hydropower relicensing and energy efficiency.  We applaud Senators Murkowski and Cantwell, as well as Senate Leadership, for scheduling a vote on this important bill today, and we look forward to working with the conference committee to finalize the legislation this year.”
– Lisa Jacobson, President, Business Council for Sustainable Energy

“On behalf of the Pacific Northwest Center of Excellence for Clean Energy, we fully support this innovative legislation to establish a 21st Century Energy Workforce Advisory Board comprised of energy industry, labor, workforce and education experts from across the country. This board will help identify best practices in energy education and guide the delivery of workforce training programs that will develop the knowledge, skills and abilities of the 1.5 million new skilled workers needed in the energy sector over the next 15 years.”
– Barbara Turner, Executive Director, Center of Excellence for Clean Energy at Centralia College

“We are so grateful for Senator Cantwell and Senator Murkowski's bipartisan leadership on this permanent LWCF reauthorization. Our kids are the true winners today.”
– Peter Schrappen, Executive Director, Clean Boating Foundation

“With Senator Cantwell’s leadership, the U.S. Senate has passed a comprehensive package of visionary energy legislation that strengthens the nation’s move towards a sustainable energy future. Of particular importance is Section 3701 for recycled carbon fiber, which will provide critical funding for research and demonstration in support of composite recycling. The CRTC is taking the first steps towards establishing a new industry; this bill is critical to accelerate the rate of growth of this new industry and reap the economic, energy and environmental benefits we see before us.”
– Bob Larsen, CEO, Composite Recycling Technology Center

“Today, with a bipartisan majority of the U.S. Senate voting to permanently reauthorize the Land and Water Conservation Fund, the U.S. Senate demonstrated they have heard the American public loud and clear: ‘protect our public lands!’ From the park down the street to state forests and our unrivaled National Park System, public lands help drive local economies; support hunting, fishing, hiking and other recreational pursuits; and protect for perpetuity the historical and cultural lands that tell the story of our nation. And now the Land and Water Conservation Fund also will be there to help protect these lands.”
– Larry Selzer, President and CEO, The Conservation Fund

“The passage of the Senate's energy bill is an important step in ensuring programs like the North American Wetlands Conservation Act continue protecting vital resources for generations to come. It is encouraging to see conservation priorities included in this legislation that benefit sportsmen and women and the general public, and I want to thank Senators Lisa Murkowski and Maria Cantwell for their leadership on this bill.”
– Ducks Unlimited

“A skilled workforce is critical to any industry’s success. Electric power companies may have to replace nearly 40 percent of their workforce within the next five years due to the retirement of skilled and technical employees and other normal attrition. For more than 10 years, through the Center for Energy Workforce Development, EEI has been leading efforts to bring together electric and natural gas companies and their associations, organized labor, educators and other stakeholders to identify career pathways and workforce development solutions that help ensure diversity and readiness for an industry in transformation. We thank Senator Cantwell for taking a holistic and comprehensive approach to energy workforce development that takes into account opportunities for career coaching and support for state consortia that will enhance efforts to encourage a diverse group of students to pursue careers in the energy sector.”
– Tom Kuhn, President, Edison Electric Institute

“EDTA applauds the bipartisan work of Chairman Murkowski and Ranking Member Cantwell in advancing the Energy Policy Modernization Act. The bill will enhance our energy security through next generation technologies, including electric drive solutions. The Vehicle Innovation Act provisions authorizing critical electric drive research, development and deployment programs at the Department of Energy will ensure that the United States continues to lead in the development of clean, efficient alternatives to petroleum for passenger and commercial vehicles.”
– Genevieve Cullen, President, Electric Drive Transportation Association

“The Energy Storage Association commends the Senate for prioritizing energy storage innovation in the Energy Policy Modernization Act. We are pleased to see continuing bipartisan agreement that energy storage is an essential asset that paves the path to an affordable, reliable and clean electric system.”
– Matt Robert, Executive Director, Energy Storage Association

“The new energy bill also includes a ‘Klamath Project Water and Power’ section intended to assist Klamath irrigators in meeting requirements under the federal Endangered Species Act and other challenges. Provisions intended to help repair the Klamath Project’s aging C-Flume facility are based in part on P.L. 111-11, signed into law in March 2009.”
– Family Farm Alliance

“The Federal Performance Contracting Coalition applauds the Senate for passing the bipartisan Energy Policy Modernization Act, which includes provisions to reduce federal energy use. As companies that implement comprehensive, paid-through-savings, energy efficiency projects, we are especially pleased that the legislation will encourage the federal government to continue to use Energy Savings Performance Contracting (ESPC) to achieve a variety of goals. We are excited for implementation of many of the energy efficiency provisions but are particularly looking forward to provisions that clarify the ESPC statute, ensure action on cost effective privately financed projects, encourage Smart Buildings and continue federal energy intensity reduction goals.”
– Jennifer Schafer, Executive Director, The Federal Performance Contracting Coalition

“In recent years, the vulnerabilities of our nation’s power infrastructure from cyberattack have become a serious concern. As a company focused on developing products and services that secure networks from cyber breaches, F5 Networks is pleased that Senate Bill 2012, co-sponsored by Senator Cantwell, promotes technologies and processes to protect our nation’s power systems from cyberattacks.”
– Brian Bennett, Networks Vice President of Legal and Governmental Affairs, F5

“The GridWise Alliance is pleased the Senate has passed this important legislation. This bill contains key provisions that will modernize our grid—enhancing reliability, resilience and security. We applaud Chairwoman Murkowski and Ranking Member Cantwell for their steadfast leadership in fashioning the first major piece of energy legislation to pass the Senate in nearly a decade. We urge Congress to move this legislation through the conference process expeditiously, so it can be enacted into law.”
– Steve Hauser, President, GridWise Alliance

“The utility industry and unions like the IBEW have known for years that apprenticeship programs are vital to maintaining a steady supply of skilled energy professionals who can help our economy meet the challenges of the 21st century. By giving these programs the same status as community colleges when it comes to qualifying for federal grants, the Energy Policy Modernization Act is preparing our country to meet the looming skilled worker gap in the energy industry.”
– Lonnie R. Stephenson, President, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers

“With this innovative piece of legislation, we are able to intersect blue collar, white collar and green collar mechanisms, by providing the training and resources needed to only further help launch IBEW into the future. With this collaborative effort, we have the opportunity to shape the energy industry, which is the third largest industry in the United States, into one that benefits all working men and women for years and years to come.”
– Louis Walter, Business Manager, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local Union No. 77

“Senators Cantwell and Murkowski should be commended for their leadership in not only passing this critical energy legislation, but in the bipartisan fashion that they did it. Focusing federal programs and expertise on key issues like the energy-water nexus will ensure that America is both wise and resourceful in the way we manage and use our critical natural resources.”
– Philip Mezey, President and CEO, Itron

“On behalf of the 500,000 members of the Laborers’ International Union of North America, I commend the Senate on their bipartisan vote (85-12) in favor for much needed energy legislation that will strengthen our economy and unlock good jobs and clean energy.”
– Terry O’Sullivan, General President, LIUNA

“The state energy officials are very pleased with the Senate energy bill. It addresses a broad range of energy issues, from the supply side to the demand side. We are especially pleased that the bill reflects support for the major state-federal partnership programs: the State Energy Program and the Weatherization Assistance Program. The bill also includes positive language in support of important building energy codes and innovative state energy financing programs. We support passage of the Senate bill.”
– David Terry, Executive Director, National Association of State Energy Officials

“The permanent reauthorization of the Land and Water Conservation Fund is a tremendous win for conservation in America, allowing this critical program to continue its long tradition of successfully providing clean water, conserving natural resources, increasing recreation opportunities and supporting communities in every state across the nation.”
– Mark R. Tercek, President and CEO, The Nature Conservancy

“Among the many important features of this legislation, the bill puts appropriate emphasis on energy efficiency. This resource remains the lowest cost and cleanest energy resource, while also contributing to improved competitiveness across the American economy. Moreover, the act recognizes the emerging role that ‘smart buildings’ will have in creating energy operational excellence in our built environment and help contribute to the overall modernization of this country’s energy system. The Energy Policy Modernization Act is true to its title – it helps pave the way for a 21st century energy system in the U.S.”
– Stan Price, Executive Director, Smart Buildings Center, Northwest Energy Efficiency Council

“Investments in our public lands through the Land and Water Conservation Fund touch the lives of the 142 million Americans who recreate outside each year. The outdoor industry contributes more than $646 billion in consumer spending annually and depends on our public lands and waters for vital recreation infrastructure. OIA and our 1,300 members deeply appreciate Senators Murkowski and Cantwell for their commitment to make America’s premier recreation and conservation program permanent, so every future generation will continue to enjoy the benefits of time spent outside.”
– Amy Roberts, Executive Director, Outdoor Industry Association

“The Energy Policy Modernization Act of 2016 includes important provisions to increase the energy efficiency of homes, businesses, and the economy; rationalize the permitting process for our nation’s energy infrastructure, including hydroelectric power and electric transmission; support the 21st century workforce; and modernize the electric grid to facilitate a clean energy future.”
– Pacific Gas and Electric Company

“Our nation’s energy infrastructure is undergoing a transformation driven by clean, efficient and distributed technologies. Important provisions within the bipartisan Energy Policy Modernization Act of 2016 pertaining to efficiency, grid modernization and R&D programs will help to promote resiliency, improve reliability and protect the environment, while also encouraging innovation in this growing sector.”
– Phyllis Cuttino, Director, Clean Energy Initiative, Pew Charitable Trusts

“Seattle City Light applauds this bipartisan legislation by Sens. Cantwell and Murkowski. The committee embarked on an extensive engagement process and the result is a comprehensive blueprint to modernize the energy sector in America – deploying new technologies to deliver cleaner and more efficient electricity to customers and communities.”
– Larry Weis, General Manager and CEO, Seattle City Light

“Modernizing the energy system infrastructure in the U.S. is of upmost importance. The federal government's role in helping progress energy innovations and grid development through demonstration funding and other support is a critical element. The bipartisan work to bring forward the Energy Policy Modernization Act provides a much-needed catalyst for the industry.”  
– Bryce Yonkers, Senior Director of Business Development and Strategic Partnerships, Smart Grid Northwest

“Clean, renewable hydropower is the key to our future. Hydropower allows Snohomish County PUD to integrate intermittent renewables, such as solar and wind, and rely less on carbon emitting resources. The Energy Policy Modernization Act provides an improved coordination process that promotes predictability and more collaboration to assist us in developing this clean energy and helps us combat global climate change.

“Keeping the lights on and protecting our customer data are top priorities in the energy sector, and that is why we work hard to protect against, detect and respond to cyber intrusions. The Energy Policy Modernization Act provides more support and tools for the energy sector to strengthen these efforts and to create a more resilient grid.”
– Craig Collar, General Manager and CEO, Snohomish County Public Utility District

“We are very thankful to Senator Cantwell for her personal attention and partnership to address important workforce needs for utilities, particularly within the energy sector. Senator Cantwell’s efforts to train a new generation of energy workers will build on existing partnerships with educational institutions, military service-members and veterans. We look forward to standing with her to get this legislation to the president’s desk.”
– Pat McCarty, Generation Manager, Tacoma Power, Tacoma Public Utilities

“A bipartisan majority of the Senate today voted to permanently reauthorize the Land and Water Conservation Fund. The vote is an unequivocal win for conservation and our shared outdoor heritage. LWCF is America’s most important conservation program, and today’s vote is a ringing bipartisan endorsement of the flexible solutions LWCF provides to meet America’s open space, clean water, outdoor recreation and economic needs.”
– Will Rogers, President and CEO, The Trust for Public Land

“We’re very encouraged, and I say that the Chair Murkowski and the Ranking Member Cantwell have worked very well together, and have reached out to us for a lot of discussion. The energy bill, as it seems to be moving, will have many many positive elements. It will really reinforce our commitment to energy technology innovation. It will recognize our reorganization in terms of better integration of energy and science programs. It will recognize our increasing responsibilities in emergency response for energy infrastructure disruptions.”
– Ernest Moniz, Secretary of Energy, United States Department of Energy

“I applaud the bipartisan efforts by Senator Cantwell to increase investments in science research and development, cybersecurity, energy efficiency and the energy-water nexus that were included in the Energy Policy Modernization Act that passed the Senate today.”
– Daniel T. Schwartz, Director, Clean Energy Institute, University of Washington

“We applaud the Senate for working across the aisle to modernize American energy policy. On the heels of successfully lifting the 40-year-old oil export ban, it’s refreshing to see Congress operate and pass legislation that keep up with the realities of our 21st Century energy sector and economy. We thank Senators Lisa Murkowski and Maria Cantwell, and the entire Senate Committee on Energy & Natural Resources, for their continued commitment to the issues that will strengthen America’s energy standing and help their constituents and the business community alike. Now, we urge the House and Senate to take this momentum into conference and send a pro-growth energy bill to the president’s desk.”
 – Bruce Josten, Executive Vice President for Government Affairs, U.S. Chamber of Commerce

“Today's vote for permanent authorization of the Land and Water Conservation Fund is a historic step forward for communities across Washington state and across America to conserve our most treasured places. These landscapes are not only places for us to camp, hike, hunt and fish. They are also major economic drivers for our state and are critical for healthy fire-resistant forests, clean water, and wildlife habitat and are an important part of our state’s identity.”
– Hannah Clark, Executive Director, Washington Association of Land Trusts

“It is exciting to see Senator Maria Cantwell’s Yakima water enhancement bill move forward in support of one of our most important watersheds in Washington State. This act is essential as we build on the success we’ve already achieved in the Yakima Basin to assure water security in times of drought and to prepare for climate change.”
– Tom Tebb, Director of the Office of Columbia River, Washington Department of Ecology

“Washington State University is pleased to see that Chairman Murkowski and Senator Cantwell are working together to meet our nation’s energy needs. As Washington State University focuses on our research Grand Challenges around Sustainable Resources and Smart Systems, we are pleased to see that the Senate is focused on innovation around managing our nation’s electrical grid and the vital needs around the energy-water nexus, which are essential to the Pacific Northwest and consistent with WSU’s research capabilities."
– Chris Keane, Vice President of Research, Washington State University

“Trout Unlimited applauds Senator Cantwell’s tireless and consistent leadership to move S. 1694, the Yakima bill, through the legislative process including today’s critical vote by the full Senate. Her ability to work on a bipartisan basis with Senator Murkowski on the energy bill provides for new and important federal authorities necessary for moving forward on the collaborative efforts in the Yakima Basin that benefit fisheries, water supplies and local communities – creating a replicable model for communities across the West.”
– Lisa Pelly, Director, Washington Water Project, Trout Unlimited

“Western appreciates Senator Cantwell’s relentless support for programs that help meet the workforce needs of the growing clean energy sector, and we are thrilled that she introduced this bill to invest in innovative institutions through the Department of Energy. Through Western’s Institute for Energy Studies, students develop energy-related expertise and technical skills, and graduate prepared to become energy professionals in Washington’s clean energy economy. With additional investment, our Institute for Energy Studies and other programs around the country could prepare more students to join the clean energy workforce and help create a sustainable path for our future.”
– Bruce Shepard, President, Western Washington University

“The conservation of our nation’s shared outdoor heritage has always been an area of bipartisan agreement, as America’s public lands are a defining aspect of our heritage, values and national character. While more hard work and tougher battles lie ahead, today’s vote by the Senate to permanently reauthorize the Land and Water Conservation Fund is hugely important and underscores that tradition of cooperation and bipartisanship. The LWCF Coalition will build on this success and continue to push Congress until reauthorization and full funding of America’s most important conservation program is signed into law.”
– Jamie Williams, President, The Wilderness Society