S. 1221 - Bulk-Power System Reliability Impact Statement Act

May 7, 2015
11:10 AM

Bulk-Power System Reliability Impact Statement Act

S. 1221 requires an assessment of the potential impact of any major federal regulation on the reliability of the nation’s bulk power system.


There is a broad and well-documented consensus that the reliability of the nation’s power system is of national importance and should be fully considered by Federal agencies before new major federal regulations are adopted that could impact reliability. This bill provides a framework for reflecting that consensus in law.

Key Provisions:

  • Requires existing Reliability Coordinators to prepare a Reliability Impact Statement (RIS) assessing the impact of proposed major federal rules on grid reliability and submit the RIS to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) for submission by FERC to the federal agency issuing the rule.
  • Provides Reliability Coordinators an opportunity to prepare an RIS voluntarily, submit it for inclusion in the record of the rulemaking, and spur a response from the agency.
  • Requires the issuing agency to provide in the final rule a detailed statement on:
    • The impact of the proposed rule on reliability of the bulk-power system;
    • Any adverse effects on the reliable operation of the bulk-power system if the proposed rule was implemented; and
    • Alternatives to cure any adverse reliability impacts identified, including, at the discretion of the Reliability Coordinator, a no-action alternative.
  • Requires Reliability Coordinators to prepare reports for Congress and FERC every three years identifying the:
    • State of and prospects for the reliability and affordability of electricity within the geographic area covered by the reliability coordinator;
    • Most significant risks to the reliability of the bulk-power system that might arise or need to be monitored within the geographic area covered by the coordinator, including risks from proposed or final Federal regulations.