Energy Efficiency and Alternative Fuel Vehicles

June 9, 2011
09:45 AM
 Opening Statement of Chairman Bingaman
“Good Morning.  Our hearing today will discuss three bills.  They are:  the Reducing Federal Energy Dollars Act of 2011, introduced by Senator Carper that’s S. 963; the Energy Savings and Industrial Competitiveness Act of 2011, introduced by Senator Shaheen and Senator Portman, S. 1000; and the Alternative Fuel Vehicles Competitiveness and Energy Security Act of 2011, introduced by Senator Wyden, S. 1001. 
“S. 963 focuses on improving energy efficiency within the federal government.
“S. 1000 is a multi-title efficiency bill, which includes strengthened building codes, energy efficiency financing options for buildings and for manufacturers, as well as business oriented energy initiatives from the 111th Congress, such as the Supply Star program.
“S. 1001 consists of several proposals to help address some of the challenges with bringing alternative fuel vehicles to the wider market.  We’ve worked aspects of this problem in the past and I hope the testimony today will help guide us as we work to integrate these bills into a complete policy. 
“One point I’d like to raise early on, however, is that I do have concerns about selling oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to fund other projects, even when those are worthwhile projects.  That’s a subject we’ll undoubtedly get to debate and discuss.
“We look forward to hearing the testimony.”
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