Another Energy Committee Info Hub: Twitter.

May 9, 2011
05:48 PM
Another Energy Committee Info Hub: Twitter.
The Democratic Staff of the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources invites you to follow us on Twitter, @SenateEnergy.  Chairman Bingaman himself will not be Tweeting, but those of us who work for him on the Committee will. 
Our Twitter page will highlight updates to the Committee calendar, links to key studies or reports, Senate floor action and articles referencing Bingaman and the Committee’s activities.  We’ll use the hash tag #enr, when appropriate; feel free to do the same and spread the word.
What’s our icon, you may ask?  Our icon attempts to represent all sources of energy by depicting their point of origin -- the sun and the stars.  The sun’s energy can be collected directly by solar power plants.  It heats the earth’s surface, creating wind for wind power.  The sun provides the energy that drives the water cycle of evaporation and precipitation that underlies hydropower.  Plants transform the sun’s energy through photosynthesis to produce biomass, and that biomass over geological time is further transformed to become coal, oil, and natural gas.  Even the heavy elements that make nuclear power possible were originally formed in the explosions of supernovas.
Follow and retweet us today!
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