March 31, 2011
10:07 AM
Hearing on S. 629, S. 630 and the Energy-Water Integration Act
(Title I, Subtitle D of S. 1462 from 111th Congress)
“Good morning and welcome to today’s hearing.  Today we are pleased to hear testimony regarding three pieces of legislation:  S. 629, the Hydropower Improvement Act of 2011, S. 630, the Marine and Hydrokinetic Renewable Energy Promotion Act of 2011, and also the Energy and Water Integration provisions from Title I, Subtitle D of the American Clean Energy Leadership Act of 2009 (which was S. 1462 from the 111th Congress). 
“Today we will hear from the Administration and other witnesses about the potential we have to produce more hydropower in this country through improved efficiency at existing hydropower facilities and adding hydropower capabilities to existing structures.  Developing additional energy from hydropower can help decrease our dependence on fossil fuels and can help reduce our nation’s carbon emissions. 
“I’m glad to co-sponsor the Hydropower Improvement Act with Senator Murkowski and appreciate her willingness to incorporate suggestions from myself and others that will encourage development of hydropower resources while protecting, or even improving, our natural resources.  I am particularly interested in hearing about opportunities for development of small hydropower projects that may be feasible even in arid states like New Mexico. 
“In addition, I am pleased we will hear testimony today regarding legislation to recognize the connection between energy and water.  In 2009, Senator Murkowski and I introduced the Energy and Water Integration Act.  We received testimony and comments on the bill during the last Congress and the Committee reported the bill as part of the ACELA with bipartisan support.  The Energy and Water Integration Act takes a first step towards integrating energy and water policy.  Developing new policies that integrate energy and water solutions will become increasingly vital as populations grow and environmental needs increase and a changing climate continues to affect our energy and water resources.
“I’m glad to welcome the witnesses we have here today to give their views on the bills.  The Committee appreciates everyone’s efforts in being here to provide their testimony.”
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