Bingaman on Loan Guarantee News

March 20, 2009
02:09 PM
The Department of Energy today announced the first energy loan guarantee – $535 million for construction of a plant in California to manufacture solar panels.   The investment is part of the Obama Administration’s aggressive strategy to put Americans back to work and transform the way America uses and produces energy.  Chairman Bingaman views this milestone as a positive sign that the culture is changing at the Department of Energy.
March 20, 2009
“After years of watching this program struggle to get off the ground, it’s encouraging to see that Secretary Chu’s energetic new leadership at the Department is having an effect.  This news is especially welcome at a time when our nation’s economic problems have made it so difficult for companies to find financing for clean energy projects.  Congress soon will be considering a new energy bill, and that legislation is likely to include additional authorities for the Secretary and the Administration to help build a new green energy economy for America.”
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