Quick Action on 160+ Public Lands Bills

January 7, 2009
06:15 PM
Chairman Bingaman is delighted that Majority Leader Harry Reid has started a process to bring to an early vote a bipartisan package of more than 160+ individual public lands bills, S. 22. The 1,294-page package includes new protections for wilderness, historic sites, national parks, forests, rivers and trails, public lands and water resources.  The legislation contains roughly an equal mix of Democratic bills, Republican bills and bills with bipartisan sponsorship.  Reid’s strategy of introducing the legislation via Rule 14 will expedite the Senate’s ability to deal with these bills.  Look for a vote on proceeding to the bill this Sunday, if not sooner.
Omnibus Public Land Management Act of 2009
Title I — Additions to the National Wilderness Preservation System
(bill references from the 110th Congress)

Subtitle A – Wild Monongahela Wilderness (H.R. 5151)
Subtitle B – Virginia Ridge and Valley Wilderness (S. 570)
Subtitle C – Mt. Hood Wilderness, Oregon (S. 647)
Subtitle D – Copper Salmon Wilderness, Oregon (S. 2034)
Subtitle E – Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument, Oregon (S. 2379)
Subtitle F – Owyhee Public Land Management, Idaho (S. 2833)
Subtitle G – Sabinoso Wilderness, New Mexico (H.R. 2632)
Subtitle H – Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore Wilderness (S. 3017)
Subtitle I –  Oregon Badlands Wilderness (S. 3088)
Subtitle J –  Spring Basin Wilderness, Oregon (S. 3089)
Subtitle K – Eastern Sierra and Northern San Gabriel Wilderness, California (S. 3069)
Subtitle L –  Riverside County Wilderness, California (H.R. 3682)
Subtitle M – Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks Wilderness, California (H.R. 3022)
Subtitle N – Rocky Mountain National Park Wilderness (S. 1380)
Subtitle O – Washington County, Utah (S. 2834)
Title II — Bureau of Land Management Authorizations

Subtitle A -- National Landscape Conservation System (S. 1139)
Subtitle B -- Prehistoric Trackways National Monument (S. 275)
Subtitle C -- Fort Stanton-Snowy River Cave National Conservation Area (S. 260)
Subtitle D -- Snake River Birds of Prey National Conservation Area (S. 262)
Subtitle E -- Dominguez-Escalante National Conservation Area (S. 3065)
Subtitle F -- Rio Puerco Watershed Management Program (S. 1940)
Subtitle G -- Land Conveyances and Exchanges
Sec. 2601.  Carson City, Nev., land conveyances (S. 3603)
Sec. 2602.  Southern Nevada limited transition area conveyance (S. 1377)
Sec. 2603.  Nevada Cancer Institute land conveyance (H.R. 1311)
Sec. 2604.  Turnabout Ranch land conveyance, Utah (S. 832)
Sec. 2605.  Boy Scouts land exchange, Utah (S. 900)
Sec. 2606.  Douglas County, Wash., land conveyance (H.R. 523)
Sec. 2607.  Twin Falls, Idaho, land conveyance (S. 2354)
Sec. 2608.  Sunrise Mountain Instant Study Area release, Nevada (H.R. 816)
Sec. 2609.  Park City, Utah, land conveyance (H.R. 838)
Sec. 2610.  Release of reversionary interest in certain lands in Reno, Nev. (H.R. 2246)
Sec. 2611.  Tuolumne Band of Me-Wuk Indians of the Tuolumne Rancheria (H.R. 3490)
Title III — Forest Service Authorizations

Subtitle A -- Watershed Restoration and Enhancement (S. 232)
Subtitle B -- Wildland Firefighter Safety (S. 1152)
Subtitle C -- Wyoming Range (S. 2229)
Subtitle D -- Land Conveyances and Exchanges
Sec. 3301.  Land conveyance to City of Coffman Cove, Alaska (S. 202)
Sec. 3302.  Beaverhead-Deerlodge National Forest land conveyance, Montana (S. 2124)
Sec. 3303.  Santa Fe National Forest; Pecos National Historical Park Land Exchange (S. 216)
Sec. 3304.  Santa Fe National Forest Land Conveyance, New Mexico (S. 1939)
Sec. 3305.  Kittitas County, Wash., land conveyance (H.R. 1285)
Sec .3306.  Mammoth Community Water District use restrictions (H.R. 356)
Sec. 3307.  Land exchange, Wasatch-Cache National Forest, Utah (H.R. 3473)
Sec. 3308.  Boundary adjustment, Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness (S. 1802)
Sec. 3309.  Sandia pueblo land exchange technical amendment (no bill)
Subtitle E -- Colorado Northern Front Range Study (H.R. 903)
Title IV — Forest Landscape Restoration (S. 2593)

Title V — Rivers and Trails

Subtitle A -- Additions to the National Wild and Scenic Rivers System
Sec. 5001.  Fossil Creek, Arizona (S. 86)
Sec. 5002.  Snake River Headwaters, Wyo. (S. 1281)
Sec. 5003.  Taunton River, Mass. (S. 868)
Subtitle B -- Wild and Scenic Rivers Studies
Sec. 5101.  Missisquoi and Trout Rivers Study (S. 2093)
Subtitle C -- Additions to the National Trails System
Sec. 5201.  Arizona National Scenic Trail (S. 1304)
Sec. 5202.  New England National Scenic Trail (H.R. 1528)
Sec. 5203.  Ice Age Floods National Geologic Trail (S. 268)
Sec. 5204.  Washington-Rochambeau Revolutionary Route National Historic Trail (S. 686)
Sec. 5205.  Pacific Northwest National Scenic Trail (S. 2943)
Sec. 5206.  Trail of Tears National Historic Trail (H.R. 5335)
Subtitle D -- National Trail System Amendments
Sec. 5301.  National Trails System willing seller authority (S. 169)
Sec. 5302.  Revision of studies of existing national historic trails (S. 580)
Sec. 5303.  Chisholm Trail and Great Western Trails Studies (S. 2255)
Title VI — Department of the Interior Authorizations

Subtitle A -- Cooperative Watershed Management Program (S. 3085)
Subtitle B -- Competitive Status for Federal Employees in Alaska (S. 1433)
Subtitle C -- Management of the Baca National Wildlife Refuge (S. 127)
Subtitle D -- Paleontological Resources Preservation (S. 320)
Subtitle E -- Izembek National Wildlife Refuge Land Exchange (S. 1680)
Subtitle F -- Wolf Livestock Loss Demonstration Project (S. 2875)
Title VII — National Park Service Authorizations

Subtitle A -- Additions to the National Park System
Sec. 7001.  Paterson Great Falls National Historical Park, N.J. (H.R. 189)
Sec. 7002.  William Jefferson Clinton Birthplace Home National Historic Site (S. 245)
Sec. 7003.  River Raisin National Battlefield Park (S. 3247)
Subtitle B -- Amendments to Existing Units of the National Park System
Sec. 7101.  Funding for Keweenaw National Historical Park (S. 189)
Sec. 7102.  Weir Farm National Historic Site visitor and administrative facilities (S. 1247)
Sec. 7103.  Little River Canyon National Preserve boundary expansion (S. 1961)
Sec. 7104.  Hopewell Culture National Historical Park boundary expansion (H.R. 2197)
Sec. 7105.  Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and Preserve boundary adjustment (S. 783)
Sec. 7106.  Minute Man National Historical Park (S. 2513)
Sec. 7107.  Everglades National Park (S. 2804 & S. 3340)
Sec. 7108.  Kalaupapa National Historical Park (H.R. 3332)
Sec. 7109.  Boston Harbor Islands National Recreation Area (S. 1365)
Sec. 7110.  Thomas Edison National Historical Park, New Jersey (H.R. 2627)
Sec. 7111.  Women’s Rights National Historical Park (S. 1816)
Sec. 7112.  Martin Van Buren National Historic Site (S. 2535)
Sec. 7113.  Palo Alto Battlefield National Historical Park (S. 3011)
Sec. 7114.  Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Historical Park (S. 3226)
Sec. 7115.  New River Gorge National River (H.R. 5137)
Sec. 7116.  Technical corrections (S. 3051)
Sec. 7117.  Wright Brothers-Dunbar National Historical Park, Ohio (H.R. 4199)
Sec. 7118.  Fort Davis National Historic Site (H.R. 6176)
Subtitle C -- Special Resource Studies
Sec. 7201.  Walnut Canyon National Monument, Arizona (S. 722)
Sec. 7202.  Tule Lake Segregation Center, California (S. 1476)
Sec. 7203.  Estate Grange, St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands (S. 1969)
Sec. 7204.  Harriet Beecher Stowe House, Maine (S. 662)
Sec. 7205.  Shepherdstown battlefield, West Virginia (S. 1633)
Sec. 7206.  Green McAdoo School, Tennessee (S. 2207)
Sec. 7207.  Harry S Truman Birthplace, Missouri (part of H.R. 3998)
Sec. 7208.  Battle of Matewan special resource study (part of H.R. 3998)
Sec. 7209.  Butterfield Overland Trail (H.R. 3998)
Sec. 7210.  Cold War sites theme study (S. 2561)
Sec. 7211.  Battle of Camden, South Carolina (part of S. 3051)
Sec. 7212.  Fort San Geronimo, Puerto Rico (part of S. 3051)
Subtitle D -- Program Authorizations
Sec. 7301.  American Battlefield Protection Program (S. 1921)
Sec. 7302.  Preserve America Program (part of S. 2262)
Sec. 7303.  Save America’s Treasures Program (part of S. 2262)
Sec. 7304.  Route 66 Corridor Preservation Program (S. 3010)
Sec. 7305.  National Cave and Karst Research Institute (S. 3096)
Subtitle E -- Advisory Commissions
Sec. 7401.  Na Hoa Pili O Kaloko-Honokohau Advisory Commission (S. 1728)
Sec. 7402.  Cape Cod National Seashore Advisory Commission (part of S. 3158)
Sec. 7403.  National Park System Advisory Board (part of S. 3158)
Sec. 7404.  Concessions Management Advisory Board (part of S. 3158)
Sec. 7405.  St. Augustine 450th Commemoration Commission (S. 2359)
Title VIII —  National Heritage Areas

Subtitle A -- Designation of National Heritage Areas
Sec. 8001.  Sangre de Cristo National Heritage Area, Colorado (S. 443)
Sec. 8002.  Cache La Poudre River National Heritage Area, Colorado (S. 128)
Sec. 8003.  South Park National Heritage Area, Colorado (S. 444)
Sec. 8004.  Northern Plains National Heritage Area, North Dakota (S. 2098)
Sec. 8005.  Baltimore National Heritage Area, Maryland (S. 2604)
Sec. 8006.  Freedom’s Way National Heritage Area, Massachusetts & New Hampshire (S. 827)
Sec. 8007.  Mississippi Hills National Heritage Area (S. 2254)
Sec. 8008.  Mississippi Delta National Heritage Area (S. 2512)
Sec. 8009.  Muscle Shoals National Heritage Area, Alabama (H.R. 1483)
Sec. 8010.  Kenai Mountains-Turnagain Arm National Heritage Area, Alaska (S. 3045)
Subtitle B -- Studies
Sec. 8101.  Chattahoochee Trace, Alabama and Georgia (S. 637)
Sec. 8102.  Northern Neck, Virginia (H.R. 1483)
Subtitle C -- Amendments Relating to National Heritage Corridors
Sec. 8201.  Quinebaug and Shetucket Rivers Valley National Heritage Corridor (S. 1182)
Sec. 8202.  Delaware And Lehigh National Heritage Corridor (S. 817)
Sec. 8203.  Erie Canalway National Heritage Corridor (part of H.R. 1483)
Sec. 8204.  John H. Chafee Blackstone River Valley National Heritage Corridor (part of H.R. 1483)
Title IX — Bureau of Reclamation Authorizations

Subtitle A -- Feasibility Studies
Sec. 9001.  Snake, Boise and Payette River systems, Idaho (S. 542)
Sec. 9002.  Sierra Vista Subwatershed, Arizona (S. 1929)
Sec. 9003.  San Diego Intertie, California (H.R. 1803)
Subtitle B -- Project Authorizations
Sec. 9101.  Tumalo Irrigation District Water Conservation Project, Oregon (S. 1037)
Sec. 9102.  Madera Water Supply Enhancement Project, California (H.R. 1855)
Sec. 9103.  Eastern New Mexico Rural Water System project, New Mexico (S. 2814)
Sec. 9104.  Rancho Cailfornia Water District project, California (H.R. 1725)
Sec. 9105.  Jackson Gulch Rehabilitation Project, Colorado (S. 1477)
Sec. 9106.  Rio Grande Pueblos, New Mexico (S. 2805)
Sec. 9107.  Upper Colorado River Basin Fund (S. 3189)
Sec. 9108.  Santa Margarita River, California (H.R. 29)
Sec. 9109.  Elsinore Valley Municipal Water District (H.R. 31)
Sec. 9110.  North Bay Water Reuse Authority (H.R. 236)
Sec. 9111.  Prado Basin Natural Treatment System Project, California (H.R. 813)
Sec. 9112.  Bunker Hill Groundwater Basin, California (H.R. 1139)
Sec. 9113.  GREAT Project, California (H.R. 1737)
Sec. 9114.  Yucaipa Valley Water District, California (H.R. 2614)
Sec. 9115.  Arkansas Valley Conduit, Colorado (S. 2974)
Subtitle C -- Title Transfers and Clarifications
Sec. 9201.  Transfer of McGee Creek pipeline and facilities (H.R. 2085)
Sec. 9202.  Albuquerque Biological Park, New Mexico, title clarification (S. 2370)
Sec. 9203.  Goleta Water District Water Distribution System, California (H.R. 3323)
Subtitle D -- San Gabriel Basin Restoration Fund (H.R. 123)
Subtitle E -- Lower Colorado River Multi-Species Conservation Program (H.R. 2515)
Subtitle F -- Secure Water (S. 2156)
Subtitle G -- Aging Infrastructure (S. 2842)
Title X — Water Settlements

Subtitle A --  San Joaquin River Restoration Settlement (S. 27)
Subtitle B --  Northwestern New Mexico Rural Water Projects (S. 1171)
Subtitle C --  Shoshone-Paiute Tribes of the Duck Valley Reservation (S. 462)
Title XI — United States Geological Survey Authorizations

Sec. 11001.  Reauthorization of the National Geologic Mapping Act of 1992 (S. 240)
Sec. 11002.  New Mexico water resources study (S. 324)
Title XII — Ocean and Coastal Mapping Integration Act
Title XIII — Miscellaneous
Sec. 13001.  Management and distribution of North Dakota trust funds (S. 1740)
Sec. 13002.  Amendments to the Fisheries Restoration and Irrigation Mitigation Act (S. 1522)
Sec. 13003.  Amendments to the Alaska Natural Gas Pipeline Act (S. 1809)
Sec. 13004.  Additional Assistant Secretary for Department of Energy (S. 1203)
Sec. 13005.  Lovelace Respiratory Research Institute (S. 3179)
Sec. 13006.  Authorization of appropriations for National Tropical Botanical Garden (S. 2220)
Title XIV — Christopher and Dana Reeve Paralysis Act
Title XV — Smithsonian Institution Facilities
Sec. 15101.  Laboratory and Support Space, Edgewater, Maryland
Sec. 15102.  Laboratory space, Gamboa, Panama
Sec. 15103.  Construction of Greenhouse facility
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