Policies for Reducing Gasoline Demand

July 23, 2008
10:39 AM
“Good Morning.  Average gasoline prices have been above $4.00 since the beginning of June.  As of July 21, gasoline prices averaged $4.06, I think their higher than that today. 
“These fuel prices are harming our economy and causing serious problems for many consumers. Some believe that the only way we can reduce the price of gasoline is by more supply through additional drilling.  But there are a number of ways consumers can reduce their demand for gasoline and save money for other necessary expenses.
“Today, we have gathered a panel of experts to discuss a variety of near term proposals for reducing our dependence on petroleum and hopefully and the ‘pain at the pump’ that U.S. consumers are experiencing.    The witnesses have been selected to provide a comprehensive look at policy options in this area, including:
  • Relevant federal programs, particularly those authorized by EPAct 2005 and EISA 2007.
  • Increasing fuel economy and consumer response to incentives to purchase more fuel efficient vehicles.
  • Efficiency opportunities across the transportation system and the role of information technology.
  • Transportation and development policies to reduce vehicle miles travelled and
  • Advances in battery development to enable quicker electrification of transportation system.
 “I look forward to hearing their testimony this morning and I think the witnesses for being here.”
# # #