The Week Ahead (April 21-25)

April 22, 2008
10:55 AM
•           On Tuesday, April 22, the Subcommittee on Public Lands and Forests will consider S. 934/H.R.1374, to amend the Florida National Forest Land Management Act of 2003, to authorize the conveyance of an additional tract of National Forest System land under that Act; S. 2833, to provide for the management of certain public lands in Owyhee County, Idaho; and S. 2834, to establish wilderness areas, promote conservation and improve public land in Washington County, Utah.  Witnesses include Julie Jacobson, deputy assistant secretary, Land and Mineral Management, Department of the Interior; Joel Holtrop, deputy chief, National Forest System, U.S. Forest Service; James Eardley, chairman, Washington County Commission, St. George, Utah; Bill Meadows, president, The Wilderness Society; Craig Gehrke, regional director, The Wilderness Society, Boise, Idaho; and Chad Gibson, representative, Owyhee Range Service, Wilder, Idaho.  (Dirksen 366 at 2:30 p.m.)
•           On Wednesday, April 23 the Subcommittee on National Parks will consider S. 662, to authorize the Secretary of the Interior to evaluate resources at the Harriet Beecher Stowe House in Brunswick, Maine, to determine the suitability and feasibility of establishing the site as a unit of the National Park System; S. 827, to establish the Freedom's Way National Heritage Area in Massachusetts and New Hampshire; S. 923/H.R. 1528, to amend the National Trails System Act to designate the New England National Scenic Trail; S. 956, to establish the Land Between the Rivers National Heritage Area in Illinois; S. 2073, to amend the National Trails System Act relating to the statute of limitations that applies to certain claims; S. 2513, to modify the boundary of the Minute Man National Historical Park in Massachusetts; S. 2604, to establish the Baltimore National Heritage Area in Maryland; S. 2804, to adjust the boundary of the Everglades National Park in Florida; H.R. 53, to authorize the Secretary of the Interior to enter into a long-term lease with the Government of the U.S. Virgin Islands to provide land on Saint John, USVI, for a school; and H.R. 1483, to amend the Omnibus Parks and Public Lands Management Act of 1996 to extend the authorization for certain national heritage areas.  Witnesses include a representative from the Department of the Interior.  (Dirksen 366 at 3:00 p.m.)
•           On Thursday, April 24, the Subcommittee on Water and Power will consider S. 2680, Leadville Mine Drainage Tunnel Environmental Improvement Act of 2008; S. 2805, Rio Grande Pueblos Irrigation Infrastructure Improvement Act; S. 2814, Eastern New Mexico Rural Water System Authorization Act; H.R. 29, to authorize the Secretary of the Interior to construct facilities to provide water for irrigation, municipal, domestic, military and other uses from the Santa Margarita River, California; H.R. 1803, San Diego Water Storage and Efficiency Act of 2007; and H.R. 123, to authorize appropriations for the San Gabriel Basin Restoration Fund.  Witnesses include representative from the Department of the Interior; representative from the Environmental Protection Agency; Martha Rudolph, director of environmental programs, Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, Denver;  J. Michael Chavarria, Pueblo of Santa Clara (testifying as the chairman of the Eight Northern Indian Pueblos Council, Espanola, NM); Orlando Ortega Jr., mayor, City of Portales, NM (testifying as vice chairman, Eastern New Mexico Rural Water Authority, Portales, NM; and Milt Davies, director, Fallbrook Public Utilities District, Fallbrook, CA.  (Dirksen 366 at 2:15 p.m.)
# # #