Bingaman, Domenici Cheer Passage of Lands Bill

April 10, 2008
04:31 PM
Chairman Jeff Bingaman and Ranking Member Pete Domenici are delighted that the Senate today approved, 91-4, a bipartisan collection of 62 non-controversial bills from the Energy Committee that deal with various public land, national park, water and territorial issues. The package includes roughly an equal mix of Democratic bills, Republican bills and bills with bipartisan sponsorship.   All of the bills in S. 2739 have been passed by the House of Representatives, and nearly all of them were favorably reported by the Senate ENR, most with unanimous votes. 
SEN. BINGAMAN“Today was a good day for the Senate, and for the protection of our public lands.  I’m pleased that we passed this package of 62 bills, which includes new protections for outstanding wilderness, historic sites, national parks and precious water resources.  When measures such as these are so broadly supported on a bipartisan basis, Members on both sides of the aisle deserve to be able to have the Senate act on them expeditiously.  Sen. Domenici and I worked very closely and cooperatively with our colleagues to ensure that they got that opportunity today.”
SEN. DOMENICI:  “I’m very pleased that at long last, the Senate was able to move this bipartisan package of bills.  The Public Lands bill contains over sixty measures that were considered and passed by the Energy and Natural Resources Committee. These measures reflect the Committee’s responsibility to oversee our federal lands and parks, and their consideration by the Senate is overdue.  I’m glad that we were able to break the logjam and I look forward to further action this session.”
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