Just Released -- Green Stimulus Source Book

December 18, 2008
12:04 PM
I directed my staff to assemble these ideas and proposals, and to make them available in a single compilation, both to encourage discussion among policymakers and to create a document for various interest groups and individuals that have a stake in ‘green’ proposals to share and compare ideas similar to theirs.

“The goal of this volume is to promote a vigorous and informed discussion of how both to help the U.S. economy recovery from the current recession and to build long-term strength and capacity into our national energy and natural resource systems.  It is my hope that by promoting this discussion, a thoughtful, deliberate, and transparent dialogue can take place.” Chairman Bingaman, Dec. 10, 2008.

We’re happy to take this moment to thank you for being a regular reader of Senate ENR news releases.  As a token of our appreciation, please enjoy ‘Green’ Stimulus Proposals -- a compilation of green jobs ideas for the next economic recovery bill.  This collection of policy and program recommendations is posted on the Energy Committee website.  The proposals come from a range of sources, including:

v     Statements for the Record submitted by witnesses testifying at our Dec. 10 full committee hearing regarding investments in clean energy and natural resources projects/programs to create green jobs and to stimulate the economy.

v     Statements for the Record submitted for that hearing by individuals and groups that did not testify.

v     Additional proposals submitted to the Committee prior to the Dec. 12 cut-off deadline for this document.

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