Latest on Energy Bill Discussions

September 26, 2007
10:38 AM
For many reporters, this is Climate Week.  That’s a good thing: the problem of global warming deserves all the attention it can get.
Meanwhile, on Capitol Hill, Democratic and Republican committee staffs are continuing a bipartisan and bicameral exploration of the House (H.R.3221) and Senate (H.R.6) energy bills.  The discussions are not to decide the destiny of any provisions, but rather to allow staffs to be educated as to the contents and back-stories of the various titles and sections in the two bills.
The meetings are alternating between House and Senate.  For those keeping score at home, the provisions being examined this week are renewable fuels; carbon neutral government; green buildings; House provisions from the committees on Natural Resources, Education & Labor, Foreign Affairs, Small Business, Agriculture and Transportation & Infrastructure; CAFE; price gouging; climate R&D; loan guarantees; and miscellaneous.  The talks will wrap up by Friday.
Chairman Bingaman believes that these bipartisan meetings are a necessary first step in producing a final comprehensive energy bill.  He also knows that continued bipartisanship will be essential to this process, and that addressing our nation’s energy challenges is a top priority for Congressional leaders and the American public.
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