Chairman Bingaman On House Energy Bill Passage

August 6, 2007
10:04 AM
This afternoon and tonight, the House of Representatives passed two important energy bills: H.R. 3221 – New Direction for Energy Independence, National Security and Consumer Protection Act and H.R. 2776 – Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation Tax Act of 2007. Here is Sen. Bingaman’s comment:
“I commend the House for passing legislation that will help our nation better secure its energy future.  The Members who supported those bills were reflecting the consensus of the American public – that we can, and should, do more to help our country become more energy self-reliant.  In particular, I am pleased that the House adopted the Udall-Platts amendment, making renewable electricity conferanceable.  I look forward to working with the House when we get together on our bills this fall.”
The Udall-Platts amendment, adopted 220-190, requires utilities to produce 15 percent of their electricity from clean, renewable energy sources such as wind, solar, biomass, etc., by 2020.    

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