Domenici Statement on House Energy Bill Passage

Historic Legislation Now Heads to President Bush for Signature

December 18, 2007
01:51 PM
            WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Pete Domenici, ranking member of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, today issued the following passage in the House of Representatives of the  energy bill, which is identical to legislation passed in the Senate last week:
            “I am pleased that the House of Representatives today passed the historic energy legislation that we worked on in the Senate last week.  I believe that this bill will allow us to make important strides to become less dependent on oil.
            “This bill contains the right priorities.  The legislation that will head to the President’s desk contains a long-awaited increase in CAFE (fuel economy) standards, a Renewable Fuels Standard, and makes important gains in energy efficiency.
            “It is also important to note that this bill does not contain provisions that the House originally proposed which would have increased energy costs for consumers, both at the pump and in their homes.  The Senate was correct to reject those measures, and it is because we did so that this bill will soon become law.
            “I look forward to the President’s signature in the coming days.”