Bingaman on Forest Service Chief

January 12, 2007
03:17 PM
Chairman Jeff Bingaman (D-NM)
On Changes at the U.S. Forest Service
January 12, 2007
“Chief Bosworth led the Forest Service when it started its second hundred years recently.  He’ll be remembered for identifying four threats to our Nation’s forests.  To respond to those threats, he advised the agency to refocus its efforts on restoring and rehabilitating damaged areas to 1) prevent severe wildfires, 2) stop the introduction, establishment and spread of invasive species, 3) reduce the conversion of forest and grasslands that leads to fragmentation of rural landscapes, and 4) manage impacts of motorized vehicles in our forests.  I congratulate Chief Bosworth on his 41 yearsof public service and I congratulate incoming Chief Kimball on her selection as the agency’s 16th chief.”
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