Ranking Member Bingaman on Climate Change

June 21, 2005
12:47 PM

Ranking Member Bingaman issued the following statement about climate change:

“Of course, while I’m disappointed that Chairman Domenici’s view is that there is not  enough time during this energy bill debate to seriously deliberate climate change, I still very much appreciate the careful consideration that he has given our amendment."

 “I expect that the discussion on the need to address this problem will be an important part of the floor debate this week.  I hope that the Senate will not miss this opportunity to show strong leadership by enacting a consequential proposal that will provide low-cost insurance to protect our nation’s economy and environment from the threats triggered by climate change.  I support the plan outlined by the National Commission on Energy Policy -- one that sets in motion a mandatory, economy-wide program for greenhouse gas reductions that will start a gradual, but decisive shift in energy policy toward low-carbon energy sources, without any material effect on our economy."

 “Again, I commend Sen. Domenici for his willingness to bring an open mind to this issue, and I am encouraged by his interest in wanting to continue to work toward a strong global warming policy for our nation.  This problem has been a century in the making, and it appears it may take a few more days to reach an agreement.”