Senator Bingaman and Domenici Push for Energy Bill Amendments

June 20, 2005
04:45 PM

Senators Pete V. Domenici and Jeff Bingaman – floor managers for the Senate energy bill – issued a joint call this afternoon for senators to offer any amendments they might have to H.R. 6.  The Senate is engaged in its second week of debate on the bill with a final vote anticipated at the end of the week.


Chairman Domenici noted that the lack of amendments suggested the Senate is winding up its work on the energy bill.  He said, “We have been on the floor for a week.  Several important amendments have been offered, debated and voted on.  We are farther along than I expected us to be at this point.  I am optimistic that we can conclude debate in the next few days and vote on final passage this week.”


Sen. Bingaman added, “While I think every senator who wants to offer an amendment on this legislation ought to have that opportunity, the time to offer those amendments has come and I urge senators to bring their amendments to the floor.”


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Bill Wicker

Democratic Communications Director

Senate Energy & Natural Resources