Energy Bill 2004: Redux Reax

February 12, 2004
09:42 AM
Tonight, the Majority Leader introduced the new energy bill, S. 2095. Text will be on the committee’s website tomorrow. (At 1,246 pages, we hope you have broadband.) Here’s an early reaction from Sen. Bingaman: “It’s hard to see how this is a logical step toward enacting energy legislation this year. The House Republican leadership reportedly will not accept a new comprehensive energy bill from the Senate. The bill costs more than the Administration says it will support. As was the case in conference last year, the legislation was written unilaterally, with no consultation with Democrats. It contains numerous provisions that probably will not enjoy majority support in the Senate. Once again, Democrats will be placed in the position of having to offer numerous amendments in order to bring bipartisan balance to the bill. “Senate Democrats have always supported balanced, bipartisan energy legislation. We have passed such a bill, twice. We need to get back to the tradition of passing energy legislation based on consensus and bipartisanship. The sooner we focus on what is realistic and most needed in energy policy, the better off our country will be.”

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