September 4, 2003
12:00 AM
Washington, D.C. – Five Senate Energy Committee Republicans are among the energy conferees named by Majority Leader Frist today. Chairman Domenici and Senators Don Nickles, Larry Craig, Ben Nighthorse Campbell, and Craig Thomas were named as energy conferees. Senators Charles E. Grassley and Trent Lott from the Senate Finance Committee will also serve as conferees. Democrat conferees are Senators Jeff Bingaman, Max Baucus, Byron Dorgan, Bob Graham, Ron Wyden and Tim Johnson. Chairman Domenici is slated to be named Chairman of the Conference. Chairman Domenici’s statement: “I look forward to a productive conference that will produce a bipartisan conference report which I expect will pass both Houses with comfortable margins. I am a “roll up my sleeves and work it out” kind of person. I have had several conversations with Chairman Tauzin and I believe we can reach agreement on all of the issues before us. I am confident we can reach agreement on a comprehensive energy bill. I do not support efforts to break this bill apart in a piecemeal fashion. Comprehensive energy legislation is in the best interest of the American people.” Senator Nickles’s statement: “I am looking forward to working with the conference committee to create good energy policy. I am hopeful we can make improvements to the package that passed the Senate and send something to the President’s desk that will address our nation’s long-term energy needs. Achieving energy security through increased domestic production of oil and gas is vital to our economy and national security.” Senator Campbell’s statement: “I am honored to be named a conferee. Energy has long been at the top of both the President’s agenda and my own agenda. I am looking forward to getting a bill to the President’s desk as soon as we possibly can. It’s unfortunate that it took a blackout to keep the momentum going on this issue, but I look forward to a swift and productive conference.” Senator Craig’s statement: "During my service on the Senate Energy Committee we have had many opportunities to develop energy legislation, but this energy bill will be unprecedented in its scope and impact," Senator Larry Craig said. "I am very pleased to represent the Senate in this conference committee and thank Chairman Domenici for his hard work in moving this important policy forward. The stakes are high and I intend to make the most of this assignment -- on topics ranging from hydropower to nuclear -- to fight for the energy future of both Idaho and the nation." Senator Thomas’s statement: “Our first priority is to come out of the conference with a bill that ensures our current and future economic and national security needs will be met by domestic sources. The true test will be whether the final bill contributes to greater energy independence through the combination of conservation and renewable fuels, along with increasing opportunities for new domestic oil and gas production.” ###