Senate Energy Bill Update #21 (Smart Campaign)

July 9, 2003
12:00 AM
The Energy Department today unveiled its "Smart Energy Campaign," an effort which includes an array of energy-saving initiatives for homeowners, consumers and businesses, including a new website, regional energy summits, public service announcements and a "Smart Energy Tour" by Secretary Spencer Abraham. “It’s a terrific idea – an awareness campaign to educate consumers, homeowners and business owners on ‘smart’ energy uses,” said Sen. Jeff Bingaman, ranking member of the Senate Energy Committee. “The Secretary’s decision to focus more attention and resources on efficiency and conservation as a way to lessen disruptions in gas markets is the right idea at the right time.” Bingaman noted that such a recommendation was among those that he and 29 other Senate Democrats had proposed to the Secretary Abraham in a letter on May 27. The Senate Dems also asked the Secretary to "cast a wider net" for participation in the DOE’s recent Natural Gas Summit, to include energy efficiency experts, state and local energy offices, regulators and consumers. “I’m gratified that Secretary Abraham agreed fully with our suggestions,” Bingaman said. “I’m told that the Natural Gas Summit last month resulted in a number of helpful ideas, some of which are included in this new campaign.” At tomorrow's Energy Committee hearing on natural gas, committee Democrats are looking forward to hearing from Dave Garman, DOE's expert on efficiency and renewable energy. Said Bingaman, “We appreciate that DOE is getting better on conservation. I hope that Assistant Secretary Garman will share with us more of what the Energy Department learned at the Natural Gas Summit.” # # #