Senate Energy Bill Update #14 (Kudos)

June 9, 2003
12:00 AM
Too often you hear from us when we think the Administration (or the Congress) has done the wrong thing. So, it’s only fair for you to hear from us when we think the Administration has done the right and good thing. We commend Energy Secretary Spencer Abraham for his quick and thoughtful response to the concerns raised by Sen. Bingaman and 29 other Senate Democrats on May 27 re: taut natural gas supplies and rising prices (Update #10). The senators asked Secretary Abraham to give efficiency and conservation a closer look as a way to ease disruptions in gas markets this fall and winter, and to cast a wider net for recommendations on how to deal with this emerging problem. The Secretary wrote back, agreeing with all the points raised in the letter and agreeing to work with the Senate in addressing these concerns. If you’d like a copy of Abraham’s letter, please reply with a fax number. (I don’t have it electronically.) I can also fax to you a copy of the Bingaman amendment (#867) requiring a study on the effect of increased use of hydrogen on natural gas demand. That amendment was adopted today on a unanimous voice vote. Finally, on a non-energy matter of interest and concern to Bingaman and other Senate Democrats, we cheer the Bush Administration for its wise decision not to renew a temporary rule allowing road-building in remote areas of national forests. If this means that the Bush Administration is going to uphold the Clinton-era plan to protect nearly 60 million acres of federal forest land, we welcome the announcement. We’ll be watching ...