Senate Energy Committee Organizes for 108th Congress

January 29, 2003
12:00 AM
Senate Energy & Natural Resources Committee organized for the 108th Congress today, taking three actions that will be reported to the Rules Committee: 1. Approved the Committee's budget for a two-year period (March 1, 2003, through Feb. 28, 2005). Subject to a final confirming vote, this authorizing resolution covers such recurring costs as staff salaries, training, administrative expenses and official mail. 2. Approved changes to the committee questionnaire for Presidential nominees. (Each Presidential nominee referred to the Committee must complete a questionnaire, in addition to the standard financial disclosure forms required by law. Revisions adopted today eliminate, clarify or simplify several of the questions on that form.) 3. Approved subcommittee assignments and jurisdictions. The four subcommittees are unchanged from last Congress. New subcommittee membership will be posted on the Committee's web, Jurisdictional changes agreed to today include shifting Alaska issues, Territorial issues, OCS leasing issues and Strategic Petroleum Reserve issues from the full committee level to the appropriate subcommittee.