Energy Conference: Update #1 (Conferees Named)

A note to reporters from the Communications Director

May 1, 2002
12:00 AM
Named Tonight: Senate conferees to the House-Senate conference on the energy bill are Bingaman, Hollings, Baucus, Kerry, Rockefeller, Breaux, Reid, Jeffords, Lieberman, Murkowski, Domenici, Grassley, Nickles, Lott, Craig, Campbell and Thomas. (Worth noting: The above order within each party, once you get past Democrat Bingaman and Republican Murkowski, is by overall seniority in the Senate.) What's Next?: The Senate enrolling clerk has said he will need about a week to integrate the 100+ amendments into the Senate-passed energy bill. So that means the bill will not be getting over to the House until the end of this week or early next week. Once the House has the final bill, they'll be able to examine it and determine their conferees.