Energy Conference: Update #26 (The Latest)

October 10, 2002
12:00 AM
What we know: The 107th Congress has started it's wind-up. Not much time is left to finish the conference report and vote out a bill. Members (mainly Tauzin & Bingaman) are working through mighty difficult issues. Sometimes staff is in the room, sometimes not; whether inside or out, everyone is taking this seriously, toiling hard. Most of the discussions now are about electricity and the RPS. The options before us: A) a comprehensive bill, B) a scaled back bill, and C) no bill. (We're battling for the comprehensive bill.) Finally, we know that few staffers -- at least on my side -- are keen to talk to the media at this delicate time. Sorry. What we don't know: If agreements can be reached, and when? Will we get to a bill at all, and will it be a Big Bill or a little bill? What will stay and what may drop out? The exact deadline for when discussions must end to allow time for a vote, on both sides of the Capitol? What the conference report will look like (it's not yet written)? And what is the exact day the Senate and House will adjourn/suspend for the elections, and conditions that leadership may put on that recess?