August 1, 2001
12:00 AM
WASHINGTON, D.C. - Senator Frank H. Murkowski (R-AK) today released the following statement after the House of Representatives approved a provision to allow for the safe exploration of resources in a small sliver of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge: “One thing is clear, reports of ANWR’s demise have been greatly exaggerated. I look forward to a full and honest debate on ANWR in the Senate. Today’s vote proves that when we look beyond the misinformation and rhetoric, it is clear that we can safely explore for resources in ANWR. “I applaud the leadership in the House for recognizing the responsibility that Congress has in helping to end this energy crisis. The Teamsters – James Hoffa and Jerry Hood, especially – and the labor unions did a remarkable job of recognizing the significance of this important plan and turning out support to help make this successful vote possible.” “Reliable, affordable, plentiful energy provides the backbone of our security. Energy ensures our national security abroad, our personal security at home, and our economic security for our future. Congress is moving forward with a balanced, comprehensive plan to provide the energy America needs as we continue to grow. “High energy costs are hurting America’s workers. Congress has the power to put Americans to work, and passing this bill is a good start. The President’s energy plan directly represents over 1.5 million new jobs while ANWR alone means over 700,000. The indirect benefits of reduced energy costs are immeasurable. “This vote represents a positive step toward a balanced energy plan for this nation. To be truly effective, our energy plan must be balanced and built on solutions that begin here at home – and that means ANWR.” ###