May 17, 2001
12:00 AM
WASHINGTON, D.C.– Chairman Frank H. Murkowski released the following statement today after the introduction of the President’s Energy Task Force report: “This is the first national energy plan in a generation. It is comprehensive. It is balanced. And it delivers us to energy stability and security.” “This plan relies heavily on American workers using ingenuity and innovation – this is the right course. We shouldn’t be counting on other countries to get us out of this fix. Through technology, we can reduce our energy consumption and not compromise our quality of life or have to make long-term sacrifices. “The plan will help ensure the reliable, affordable energy that is necessary to fuel our growth. Reliable and affordable energy is the backbone of job creation, of expansion, and of our national and economic security. “I am encourage that the tax incentives proposed are designed to help encourage efficiency and conservation, slowing the growth of our demand to better meet our ability to boost supply. Through diversity, the plan brings many new and exciting energy sources to forefront. Clean coal, next generation nuclear, and clean-burning natural gas provide our energy backbone, but we’re laying the groundwork for even more alternative fuels. “Included is the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Thanks to our cutting edge technology, we can explore the significant amounts of oil that exist under this tiny sliver of land without disturbing the environment. Allowing safe exploration in this area will not only increase our own domestic supplies of oil and gas, it will send a clear message to OPEC that we won’t accept the constant threat of being held hostage by their cartel. “I have told the President that I will move the legislative portion of this package expeditiously through the Energy Committee. We expect Administration witnesses at legislative hearings next week. I will sit down with Senator Bingaman to get his input, as well – this legislation will include elements of the President’s proposal, our current energy bill, and the Democrat alternative. “This bill doesn’t solve our problems overnight. But we didn’t get to this point overnight either. The previous Administration, by their own admission, was ‘asleep at the switch’. “It will take an investment of time and ingenuity to solve today’s problems – this balanced, comprehensive plan serves as an effective guide toward energy security.” ###