March 7, 2001
12:00 AM
WASHINGTON, D.C. - Chairman Frank H. Murkowski today expressed his support for Senator Pete Domenici’s (R-N. Mex.) comprehensive nuclear energy bill. “If we ever hope to achieve energy security and energy independence in this country, we cannot abandon the nuclear option. It must be an important and integral part of our energy mix,” said Murkowski. “This legislation is significant because it addresses both short-term and long-term issues,” said Murkowski. “Short term goals of increasing efficiencies are especially important in a time when this country is running short of generation capacity. What is happening in California could happen elsewhere and we need to ensure that we get the most of existing generation.” “In addition, Senator Domenici’s bill encourages and funds long term progress in nuclear issues by encouraging education in the hard sciences to support nuclear engineering.” The Chairman spoke out in support of the measure during a floor statement and a press conference on the bill introduction. ###