December 18, 2000
12:00 AM
WASHINGTON, D.C. - In its final days, the Senate passed seven energy measures by unanimous consent, three of which were amended to include the text of various Energy Committee bills. The bills were then sent to the President for approval. The first energy package passed was contained in S. 439 (Sen Richard Bryan D- Nev.), which would amend the National Forest and Public Lands of Nevada Enhancement Act of 1988 to adjust the boundary of the Toiyabe National Forest, Nevada. The measure also includes provisions sponsored by Senator Conrad Burns (R-Mont.) that amends the United States Code and authorizes equal overtime pay provisions for all Federal employees engaged in wildland fire suppression operations. The second energy package approved by the Senate was S. 1694 (Sen. Daniel Akaka D-Hawaii). The bill directs the Secretary of the Interior to conduct a study on the reclamation and reuse of water and wastewater in the State of Hawaii. The following provisions were included in S. 1694: S. 2834 (Sen. Jon Kyl R-Ariz.), authorizes the Secretary of the Interior, acting through the Bureau of Reclamation, to convey property to the Greater Yuma Port Authority of Yuma County, Arizona, for use as an international port of entry; H.R. 1113 (Rep. Doug Ose R-Calif.), assists in the development and implementation of projects to provide for the control of drainage, storm, flood and other waters as part of water-related integrated resource management, environmental infrastructure, and resource protection and development projects in the Colusa Basin Watershed, California ; S. 2672 (Sen. Dianne Feinstein D - Calif.), provides for the conveyance of various reclamation projects to local water authorities; H.R. 862 (Rep. Wally Herger R- Calif.), authorizes the Secretary of the Interior to implement the provisions of agreement conveying title to a distribution system from the United States to the Clear Creek Community Services District, in California; S. 769 (Sen. Conrad Burns R-Mont. and Sen. Byron Dorgan D-N.D.), provides a final settlement on certain debt owed by the city of Dickinson, North Dakota, for the construction of the gates on the Dickinson Dam. The third package was included in S. 2749 (Sen. Harry Reid D - Nev.), which establishs the California Trail Interpretive Center in Elko, Nevada. The Center’s purpose is to facilitate the interpretation of the history of development and use of trails in the settling of the western portion of the United States. Other provisions in S. 2749 include text identical to H.R. 150 (Rep. J.D. Hayworth R-AZ), authorizing the Secretary of Agriculture to convey National Forest System lands for use for educational purposes. Also included is language from Rep. James Hansen (R-Utah) that directs the Secretary of the Interior to conduct a study of the Golden Spike/Crossroads of the West National Heritage Area Study Area and to establish the Crossroads of the West Historic District in the State of Utah. The following stand alone bills were also approved by the Senate and sent to the President: S. 1761 (Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison R- Tex.) - Directs the Secretary of the Interior, through the Bureau of Reclamation, to conserve and enhance the water supplies of the Lower Rio Grande Valley. HR 2570 (Rep. Ralph Regula R- Ohio) - Requires the Secretary of the Interior to undertake a study regarding methods to commemorate the national significance of the United States roadways that comprise the Lincoln Highway. HR 4020 (Rep. George B. Radonovich R - Calif.) - Authorizes an expansion of the boundaries of Sequoia National Park to include Dillonwood Giant Sequoia Grove. HR 4907 (Rep. Herbert H. Bateman R - Va.) - Establishes the Jamestown 400th Commemoration Commission. HR 4656 (Rep. Jim Gibbons R - Nev.) Authorizes the Forest Service to convey certain lands in the Lake Tahoe Basin to the Washoe County School District for use as an elementary school site. ###