October 27, 2000
12:00 AM
WASHINGTON, D.C. - The Senate today passed twelve Energy and Natural Resource Committee bills by unanimous consent. The following bills were cleared by the Senate and now move on to the White House for the President’s signature: HR 2941(Rep. Jim Kolbe R - Ariz.) Establishes the Las Cienegas National Conservation Area in the state of Arizona. HR 4646 (Rep. Virgil Goode, Jr. D -Va.) Designates certain National Forest System lands within the boundaries of the state of Virginia as wilderness areas. HR 4794 (Rep. John Larson D - Conn.) Requires the Secretary of the Interior to complete a resource study of the 600 mile route through Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Virginia, used by George Washington and General Rochambeau during the American Revolutionary War. HR 5478 (Rep. Charles Rangel D-N.Y.) Authorizes the Secretary of the Interior to acquire by donation suitable land to serve as the new location for the home of Alexander Hamilton, commonly known as the Hamilton Grange, and to authorize the relocation of the Hamilton Grange to the acquired land. HR 3388 (Rep. John T. Doolittle R- Calif.) Promotes environmental restoration around the Lake Tahoe basin in the state of California. HR 4312 (Rep. Nancy Johnson R - Conn.) Directs the Secretary of the Interior to conduct a study of the suitability and feasibility of establishing an Upper Housatonic Valley National Heritage Area in the state of Connecticut and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. HR 1235 (Rep. George Miller D-Calif.) Authorizes the Secretary of the Interior to enter into contracts with the Solano County Water Agency, California, to use Solano Project facilities for impounding, storage, and carriage of nonproject water for domestic, municipal, industrial and other beneficial purposes. S. 1936 (Sen. Ron Wyden D-Ore.) Authorizes the Secretary of Agriculture to sell or exchange all or part of certain administrative sites and other National Forest System land in the state of Oregon and use the proceeds derived from the sale or exchange for National Forest System purposes. HR 1444 (Rep. Peter DeFazio D - Ore.) The bill would authorize the Secretary of the Interior to establish a program to plan, design , and construct facilities to mitigate impacts associated with irrigation system water diversions by local governmental entities in the Pacific Ocean drainage of the states of Oregon, Washington, Montana, and Idaho. The following bills were cleared by the Senate and now move on to the House of Representatives for approval: S. 2638 (Sen. Thad Cochran R - Miss.) The bill would adjust the boundaries of the Gulf Islands National Seashore to include Cat Island, Mississippi, also included was a provision identical to S. 2848 sponsored by Sen. Jeff Bingaman (D - N. Mex.). The provision provides for a land exchange to benefit the Pecos National Historical Park in New Mexico. S. 2751 (Sen. Harry Reid D-Nev.) Directs the Secretary of Agriculture to convey certain land in the Lake Tahoe Basin Management Unit, Nevada, to the Secretary of the Interior, in trust for the Washoe Indian Tribe of Nevada and California. S. 1761 (Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison R - Tex.) The bill would direct the Secretary of the Interior, through the Bureau of Reclamation, to conserve and enhance the water supplies of the Lower Rio Grande Valley. ###