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Washington, D.C. – Senate Energy & Natural Resources Chairman Pete V. Domenici today thanked his colleagues for a week of productive, bipartisan work on the comprehensive energy bill. The Senate Finance Committee completed the mark-up of the energy tax package which will be amended into the energy bill early next week.

Chairman Domenici’s statement:

We made terrific progress on the energy bill this week. We are ahead of where I expected to be. I appreciate the thoughtful input from colleagues on both sides of the aisle. I have been delighted to see the bipartisan tone we set in committee carry onto the Senate floor. I look forward to a continuation of our unified effort to address America’s energy problems.

The Senate Finance Committee completed mark-up of a tax package that I consider to be just as bipartisan as the authorizing text. The tax package includes incentives for the production of energy from wind and sun, clean coal and nuclear sources. It provides incentives for an array of critically-important endeavors ranging from investments in electricity infrastructure to enhanced oil and gas recovery. The tax package complements our far-reaching efforts at energy conservation, encouraging an array of efficiencies such as the tax credit for the purchase of hybrid vehicles.

The two packages together nicely reflect the broad, bipartisan views of this Senate and will make a meaningful difference in energy supply, energy prices, our economy and our environment.