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Washington, D.C. – The Energy Policy Act of 2005 creates jobs across all sectors of the economy, from construction to research, Senate Energy Chairman Pete Domenici said today.


Chairman Domenici’s statement:


“I have been impressed by the numbers I have seen this week on how the bipartisan energy bill boosts our economy. The ethanol mandate alone creates more than 200,000 jobs. What our bill does for fuel cell technology will help create more than 70,000 direct jobs by 2021. This powerful technology is expected to create an additional 170,000 jobs due to the manufacturing of materials and components as well as service of the product.


“The direct job creation crosses all sectors of the economy. While the hydrogen provisions and R&D title create jobs in research, science, math and engineering, the clean coal provisions will create 72,000 jobs in mining, transportation and manufacturing.


“Studies have shown that the economic boon from energy production goes far beyond the creation of jobs. For example, every new advanced nuclear power plant creates 3,000 construction jobs and 500 long-term, high-paying, high-tech jobs, according to NEI.


“But a study of the Millstone Nuclear Power Station in New London County, Connecticut shows an even bigger impact. The new jobs pay 50 percent more than the average job in the area and the plant has boosted Connecticut’s economy by $585 million and the nation’s economy by $1.1 billion.


“Indian Point Energy Center has similar economic impacts on the New York state economy.  This nuclear plant employs about 1,700 people in the area and is the sixth largest employer in Westchester County.  Its economic impact to New York’s economy is $811 million, and more than $1.5 billion for the U.S. economy.


“I consider the bipartisan energy bill to be one of the most dynamic jobs bills to come to the Senate floor in some time. I look forward to passage later this week, passage of a conference report later this year and the creation of countless jobs and a renewed prosperity in the near future.”