Bill Introduced Description
PN762 Aug-05-15
August 5, 2015 PN762 Cherry Ann Murray, of Kansas, to be Director of the Office of Science, Department of Energy, vice William F. Brinkman.
PN713 Jul-27-15
July 27, 2015 PN713 Victoria Marie Baecher Wassmer, of Illinois, is nominated to be Under Secretary of Energy. Wassmer would replace Kristina M. Johnson.
PN568 Jun-08-15
June 8, 2015 PN568 Mary L. Kendall, of Minnesota, is nominated to be Inspector General of the Department of the Interior. Kendal would replace Earl E. Devaney.
PN334 Apr-13-15
Jonathan Elkind, of Maryland, is nominated to be Assistant Secretary of Energy at the Department of Energy. Elkind would replace David B. Sandalow.
PN226 Feb-26-15
February 26, 2015 PN226 Suzette M. Kimball, of West Virginia, is nominated to be Director of the United States Geological Survey. Kimball would replace Marcia K. McNutt.
PN207 Feb-25-15
Monica C. Regalbuto, of Illinois, is nominated to be an Assistant Secretary of Energy (Environmental Management). Regalbuto would replace Ines R. Triay.
PN29 Jan-08-15
January 8, 2015 PN29 Kristen Joan Sarri, of Michigan, is nominated to be an Assistant Secretary of the Interior. Sarri would replace Rhea S. Suh.
PN1986 Sep-08-14
PN1986 - Colette Dodson Honorable
PN1844 Jul-09-14
PN1844 - Elizabeth Sherwood-Randall
PN1643 May-05-14
PN1643 - Cheryl A. LaFleur