Bill Introduced Description
S.1202 Jun-10-99
To require a warrant or consent before an inspection of land may be carried out to enforce any law administered by the Secretary of the Interior.
S.1192 Jun-09-99
To designate national forest land managed by the Forest Service in the Lake Tahoe Basin as the "Lake Tahoe National Scenic Forest and Recreation Area", and to promote environmental restoration around the Lake Tahoe Basin.
S.1184 May-27-99
To authorize the Secretary of Agriculture to dispose of land for recreation or other public purposes.
S.1183 May-27-99
To direct the Secretary of Energy to convey to the city of Bartlesville, Oklahoma, the former site of the NIPER facility of the Department of Energy.
S.1178 May-27-99
To direct the Secretary of the Interior to convey certain parcels of land acquired for the Blunt Reservoir and Pierre Canal features of the Oahe Irrigation Project, South Dakota, to the Commission of Schools and Public Lands of the State of South Dakota for the purpose of mitigating lost wildlife habitat, on the condition that the current preferential leaseholders shall have an option to purchase the parcels from the Commission, and for other purposes.
S.1167 May-27-99
To amend the Pacific Northwest Electric Power Planning and Conservation Act to provide for expanding the scope of the Independent Scientific Review Panel.
S.1150 Mar-25-99
 A bill to establish the Susquehanna Gateway National Heritage Area in the State of Pennsylvania, and for other purposes.
S.1129 May-26-99
To facilitate the acquisition of inholdings in Federal land management units and the disposal of surplus public land, and for other purposes.
S.1117 May-25-99
To establish the Corinth Unit of Shiloh National Military Park, in the vicinity of the city of Corinth, Mississippi, and in the State of Tennessee, and for other purposes.
H.Res.1113 Mar-16-00
To assist in the development and implementation of projects to provide for the control of drainage, storm, flood and other waters as part of water-related integrated resource management, environmental infrastructure, and resource protection and development projects in the Colusa Basin Watershed, California.