Bill Introduced Description
S.2535 May-21-02
To designate certain public lands as wilderness and certain rivers as wild and scenic rivers in the State of California, to designate Salmon Restoration Areas, to establish the Sacramento River National Conservation Area and Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest, and for other purposes.
S.2519 May-15-02
To direct the Secretary of the Interior to conduct a study of Coltsville in the State of Connecticut for potential inclusion in the National Park System.
S.2518 May-15-02
To authorize the Secretary of Agriculture to enter into cooperative agreements and contracts with the Nebraska State Forester to carry out watershed restoration and protection activities on National Forest System land in the State of Nebraska.
S.2510 May-14-02
To authorize the Secretary of Agriculture to accept the donation of certain lands previously disposed of from the public domain, together with certain mineral rights on federal land, in the Mineral Hill-Crevice Mountain Mining District in the State of Montana, to be returned to the United States for management as part of the national public lands and forests, and for other purposes.
S.2494 May-09-02
To revise the boundary of the Petrified Forest National Park in the State of Arizona and for other purposes.
S.2482 May-08-02
To direct the Secretary of the Interior to grant to Deschutes and Crook Counties in the State of Oregon a right-of-way to West Butte Road.
S.2475 May-08-02
To amend the Central Utah Project Completion Act to clarify the responsibilities of the Secretary of the Interior with respect to the Central Utah Project, to redirect unexpended budget authority for the Central Utah Project for wastewater treatment and reuse and other purposes, to provide for prepayment of repayment contracts for municipal and industrial water delivery facilities, and to eliminate a deadline for such prepayment.
S.2474 May-08-02
To provide to the Federal land management agencies the authoirty and capability to manage effectively the Federal lands, and for other purposes.
S.2473 May-08-02
To enhance the Recreational Fee Demonstration Program for the National Park Service, and for other purposes.
S.2471 May-08-02
To provide for the independent investigation of Federal wildland firefighter fatalities.