Bill Introduced Description
S.854 Mar-24-15
Nuclear Waste Administration Act of 2015
S.830 Mar-23-15
LDRD Enhancement Act of 2015
S.828 Mar-19-15
Fracturing Regulations are Effective in State Hands Act
S.822 Mar-19-15
Geothermal Production Expansion Act of 2015
S.816 Mar-19-15
S.815 Mar-19-15
Cow Creek Umpqua Land Conveyance Act
S.814 Mar-19-15
Oregon Coastal Land Act
S.805 Mar-19-15
PRISM Act of 2015 (Preservation Research at Institutions Serving Minorities Act of 2015)
S.791 Mar-18-15
American Energy Renaissance Act of 2015
S.784 Mar-18-15
Microlab Technology Commercialization Act of 2015