Bill Introduced Description
S.2627 Mar-03-16
Mojave National Preserve Boundary Adjustment Act of 2016
S.2622 Mar-03-16
Fort Ontario Study Act
S.2620 Mar-17-16
S.2616 May-17-16
S.2610 Apr-05-16
S.2608 Mar-17-16
American Discovery Trail Act of 2016
S.2579 Feb-24-16
Drinking Water Safety and Infrastructure Act
S.2568 Feb-23-16
California Desert Conservation, Off-Road Recreation, and Renewable Energy Act
S.2548 Feb-11-16
400 Years of African-American History Commission Act
S.2533 May-17-16
California Long-Term Provisions for Water Supply and Short-Term Provisions for Emergency Drought Relief Act