Bill Introduced Description
S.3066 Jun-16-16
Coal Cleanup Taxpayer Protection Act
S.3062 Jun-15-16
A bill to require the Federal Trade Commission to consider including smart grid capability on Energy Guide labels for products.
S.3049 Jun-10-16
Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks Conservation Act
S.3028 Jun-07-16
Daniel J. Evans Olympic National Park Wilderness Act
S.3027 Jun-07-16
Acadia National Park Boundary Clarification Act
S.3022 Jun-06-16
Northern Rockies Ecosystem Protection Act
S.3020 Jun-06-16
S.3018 Jun-06-16
S.3012 May-26-16
Public Engagement at FERC Act
S.3006 May-26-16
Alaska Mental Health Land Exchange Act