Bill Introduced Description
S.1284 Jun-24-99
To amend the Federal Power Act to ensure that no State may establish, maintain, or enforce on behalf of any electric utility an exclusive right to sell electric energy or otherwise unduly discriminate against any consumer who seeks to purchase electric energy in interstate commerce from any supplier.
S.1275 Jun-24-99
To authorize the Secretary of the Interior to produce and sell products and to sell publications relating to the Hoover Dam, and to deposit revenues generated from the sales into the Colorado River Dam fund.
S.1273 Jun-24-99
To amend the Federal Power Act, to facilitate the transition to more competitive and efficient electric power markets, and for other purposes.
S.1236 Jun-17-99
To extend the deadline under the Federal Power Act for commencement of the construction of the Arrowrock Dam Hydroelectric Project in the State of Idaho.
H.Res.1235 Mar-23-99
To authorize the Secretary of the Interior to enter into contracts with the Solano County Water Agency, California, to use Solano Project facilities for impounding, storage, and carriage of nonproject water for domestic, municipal, industrial, and other beneficial purposes.
H.Res.1231 Mar-23-99
To direct the Secretary of Agriculture to convey certain National Forest lands to Elko County, Nevada, for continued use as a cemetery.
S.1218 Jun-14-99
To direct the Secretary of the Interior to issue to the Landusky School District, without consideration, a patent for the surface and mineral estates of certain lots, and for other purposes.
S.1211 Jun-10-99
To amend the Colorado River Basin Salinity Control Act to authorize additional measures to carry out the control of salinity upstream of Imperial Dam in a cost-effective manner.
S.1202 Jun-10-99
To require a warrant or consent before an inspection of land may be carried out to enforce any law administered by the Secretary of the Interior.
S.1192 Jun-09-99
To designate national forest land managed by the Forest Service in the Lake Tahoe Basin as the "Lake Tahoe National Scenic Forest and Recreation Area", and to promote environmental restoration around the Lake Tahoe Basin.