Bill Introduced Description
S.1027 May-08-03
To amend the Irrigation Project Contract Extension Act of 1998 to extend certain contracts between the Bureau of Reclamation and certain irrigation water contractors in the States of Wyoming and Nebraska.
H.Res.1014 Feb-27-03
To require Federal land managers to support, and to communicate, coordinate, and cooperate with, designated gateway communities, to improve the ability of gateway communities to participate in Federal land management planning conducted by the Forest Service and agencies of the Department of the Interior, and to respond to the impacts of the public use of the Federal lands administered by these agencies, and for other purposes.
S.1013 May-07-03
To amend the Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act to permanently prohibit the conduct of offshore drilling on the outer Continental Shelf in the Mid-Atlantic and North Atlantic planning areas.
H.Res.1012 Feb-27-03
To establish the Carter G. Woodson Home National Historic Site in the District of Columbia, and for other purposes.
S.1005 May-06-03
To enhance the energy security of the United States, and for other purposes.
S.1003 May-06-03
To clarify the intent of Congress with respect to the continued use of estabished commercial outfitter hunting camps on the Salmon River.
S.993 May-05-03
To amend the Small Reclamation Projects Act of 1956, and for other purposes.
S.984 May-01-03
To direct the Secretary of the Interior to evaluate opportunities to enhance domestic oil and gas production through the exchange of nonproducing Federal oil and gas leases located in the Lewis and Clark National Forest, in the Flathead National Forest, and on Bureau of Land Management land in the State of Montana, and for other purposes.
S.965 May-01-03
To require the Secretary of the Interior to implement the final rule to phase out snowmobile use in Yellowstone National Park, John D. Rockefeller Jr. Memorial Parkway, and Grand Teton National Park, and snowplane use in Grand Teton National Park.
H.Res.961 Feb-27-03
To promote Department of the Interior efforts to provide a scientific basis for the management of sediment and nutrient loss in the Upper Mississippi River Basin, and for other purposes.