Bill Introduced Description
H.Res.2121 May-02-07
To modify a land grant patent issued by the Secretary of the Interior.
S.2109 Sep-27-07
A bill to designate certain Federal lands in Riverside County, California, as wilderness, to designate certain river segments in Riverside County as a wild, scenic, or recreational river, to adjust the boundary of the Santa Rosa and San Jacinto Mountains National Monument, and for other purposes.
H.Res.2109 Jul-18-07
To authorize the Secretary of the Interior to conduct a special resource study of Virginia Key Beach Park in Biscayne Bay, Florida, for possible inclusion in the National Park System.
H.Res.2107 May-02-07
To create the Office of Chief Financial Officer of the Government of the Virgin Islands, and for other purposes.
S.2098 Sep-26-07
A bill to establish the Northern Plains Heritage Area in the State of North Dakota.
S.2097 Jun-25-08
A bill to authorize the rededication of the District of Columbia War Memorial as a National and District of Columbia World War I Memorial to honor the sacrifices made by American veterans of World War I.
S.2093 Sep-25-07
A bill to amend the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act to designate a segment of the Missisquoi and Trout Rivers in the State of Vermont for study for potential addition to the National Wild and Scenic Rivers System.
H.Res.2085 May-01-07
To authorize the Secretary of the Interior to convey to the McGee Creek Authority certain facilities of the McGee Creek Project, Oklahoma, and for other purposes.
S.2079 Sep-20-07
A bill to amend the Public Utility Regulatory Policies Act of 1978 to establish an energy efficiency resource standard for retail electricity and natural gas distributors.
S.2078 Mar-08-07
A bill to require updating of State building energy efficiency codes and standards.
S.2076 Sep-20-07
A bill to amend the Federal Power Act to require the President to designate certain geographical areas as national renewable energy zones, and for other purposes.